Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wedding Planning : Food Tasting at Orchid Country Club, Peach Garden Restaurant

Hello readers!

 We managed to fix an appointment for the food tasting on 21 Dec at 7pm at Orchid Countryclub, Peach Garden restaurant.

Based on our package, we can choose either OCC own menu or Peach Garden, the charges per table is the same, except the dishes are slightly different so after looking through both menu and their dish offering, we decided to go with Peach Garden as there has been some good reviews for their food and we didn't know if OCC food quality is the same, so to play safe, we decided on Peach Garden menu!

 The sales manager, Serene arranged for us the appointment for the complimentary food tasting at the Peach Garden restaurant in Orchid Country Club. This was the original menu that we had initially selected but i replaced some of the dishes after the food tasting.
During the food tasting, we thought the food serving was too much probably because we only came a total of 7 pax. But we was wrong because on the actual day, the food serving is generous that it can actually fit up to 12 pax because many of my friends was telling me how they could help themselves with 2nd serving and they love the food! Looking at this makes me hungry, even though on the actual day, we were seated at the vip table that served us individual portion and i don't really know how the dish presentation looks like until some of my friends who took photos send it to me after my post wedding!
This was the first dish, previously this dish does not have prawn salad, it was supposed to be baby octopus and i think limei highlighted that baby octopus is not nice to eat, so i asked if we could replace it to prawn salad instead which i myself prefer this over baby octopus as well and that's how we had prawn salad instead of baby octopus!
Second is my favourite dish! Shark fin soup with shredded fish maw , bamboo pith, mushroom and crabmeat. Whoever starts preaching on animal cruelty. Roll eyes*
For this dish, sauteed shrimp and cuttlefish with xo sauce in quail nest, we replaced this dish after the food tasting as our parents commented they find some fishy smell when we had it. I couldn't tell though. Hahahha. Eventually i went to replace it with cereal prawns, i was surprised the shells has been removed for this cereal prawn dish on our actual wedding day before serving so far i didn't hear any negative comment for prawn dish, even xavial who is a very fussy guy told me he like the cereal prawn dish! I was kinda impressed because the chefs was preparing food for 370pax! which was not easy at all!

Anyone would have expect the food quality to be so-so but nope i received mostly positive reviews and i think Peach Garden in OCC has really did a good job!
During food tasting, i change this fish out to seabass, and the style of cooking was to cook in hongkong style, despite me eating lots of different fish since young, but i can't remember their names. Haha. i call this the ugly fish.

 I request to add the crackers for the crispy chicken which i guess majority would love to pair it with!
This was my another special request to get them to add bai ling mushroom into this dish that looks like abalone, some who doesn't know but thought its abalone at first glance but actually its bai ling mushroom and the texture is nicer than abalone, in my opinion and for elderly, its not too hard to chew so everyone love this dish except many was shocked by the size of the giant mushroom on the actual day even though i had asked them to change to smaller mushroom size.
Fried Mian Xian with shredded chicken. I heard many like this mian xian too!
Lastly the dessert, chilled mango with sago and pomelo!

We were given a food tasting comment form throughout our food tasting so it really help so we could write down our comment and what we would like to change etc because you might really forget what you had earlier. Hahaha.

I don't really like the way they describe some of the dishes so i checked with the sales manager if they could follow the description and print out the dish name accordingly if i provide them and she told me it was okay.
I think she must be thinking this bride is so weird,picking on this kind of small details.
Maybe it has to do with marketing, i don't like the way the dish is being described, i just feel there is a difference if you do not describe the dish well.

Till then.
Will update my other part of wedding preparation post soon!

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