Friday, December 30, 2016

Wedding Planning : Ready to be publish wedding photos after selection of materials, layout etc

Hello readers! So i have dedicated a post to selection of our wedding photos that will be printed on the wedding album. Usually, this is the part where you will be tempted to have all the photos and ending up paying more for the additional photos.

We make an appointment through our wedding coordinator to arrange a date to go down and browse through the photos and start selecting those photos using the elimination method first.

This is the time where you really had to ensure you are not hungry when you head down as you will spend quite awhile in the bridal studio deciding the photos that is entitled to you in your package, if you are hungry, you might not make the wise decision as your hunger pang influence you to make the most irrational decision like us which we bought everything after sitting 4 hour in the bridal studio.

For us, we had only 35 photos and its really hard to choose, isn't it? Actually i think i could really delete to those photos if i was not hungry and i had more time. The lady boss was giving us the promotion price after she probably see that i had delete so many photos and if i don't stop, maybe i won't even need to pay extra. Haha. ( I was left with remaining 65 photos after deleting the photos in the desktop)

But, I swear this is not easy, as long as it's not too ugly, any girl would want to buy back all the additional photos, and the reason why we eventually paid a huge sum was, all soft copies will be returned to us. I could edit those original photos even though they are not in the album and because we paid additional 4k for it, i had to better utilise my photos that i bought so i post on my social media platforms as and when i like, which i did by doing a 50 days to wedding photo marathon on my Instagram profile, showing everyday counting towards the actual day. I went on to do a photoshoot slideshow that was meant to be play during our wedding dinner, but i was too busy nearing the wedding date so olm help me to do as those photos are all high resolution and its take longer time to compile and its not easy as it may take 1 day to fully import everything on the video editor.

Another reason for me to display those photos beside paying a huge price for it and to better utilise it was to attract the guests to be seated on time inside the ballroom. When the doors is open for them to be seated, at least there is some photos to attract their attention to WANT to automatically being seated without being asked to and since i doubt not everyone will goes to the wedding album table and start flipping our wedding photos. This was another way to making sure everyone get to see our wedding photos! Haha.

We was lucky that the orchids were blooming when we went to botanic gardens! We had outdoor and indoor shoot, and my favorite was the ones taken at Botanic Gardens! We was lucky as the weather was good on that day.

 This is one of my favorite that i selected it to be printed out as A0. I just find this will be good to hang it as a painting when our house is ready!
For our indoor shoot, it was sweet and simple.

Initially, i thought after we had select the photos, paid for the additional photos, we can come back another day to collect the ready album. But, i was wrong. They had to do some editing on those that i had selected into the 65 poses that will be printed on the wedding album, and we had to come back another day, to look at the edited photos, which those that you see above has all been edited before and to see if the sequence and layout that the designer has done is up to our expectations.

So, we went down the second time, this time round with Jieying and with her bf joining us afterthat as we went down after work and we didn't had our dinner again. The staff show us the photos after editing for me to go through and write down any photos that require further editing etc.

It was another long tedious process again, but i think its always good to get some of your friends to go along with you because they might observe in another perspective view that you might not realise.

Just when i thought after we highlight some of the photos that require further editing and that's it.
But no! We had to select 2 A0 poster photo, 1 8R Photo, and since we had two big wedding album, and the cover page is acrylic which means we need to choose another two photos. And, it's not just the photos, we had to choose the materials, color that we want. (Which i was tired by then and get Jeremy to choose instead)

This is what i am referring the layout that will be printed on the wedding album for the photos below. It do looks different when it is being placed together in a collage. And most of the times, 35 photos is actually not enough.
So, i would advise everyone to just set aside a sum of money that many will definitely spend to buy additional photos, but just make sure you get back the soft copy as well!

After we had finished selecting everything, they will inform us once the album has been completed etc. Once this was settled, we could focus on other stuffs for the wedding.

Shall end this post for now, next post will be tips to purchasing all the essential items and decor for wedding.
Till then!

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