Thursday, September 14, 2017

Foodie Post

Hello readers! This is a post of my several meetup session with my friends but i haven't got the time to update my blog with all the photos i took.
Most of them in fact every single of the photo are foods. Haha, so i managed to meet up with JY & JJ, time flies and i always thought we have only meet up recently before i realised it has already been few months since we meet up again for some simple dinner.

So, we finally decide on a date where three of us are free to have a simple dinner together. This was one of my belated birthday dinner too!
They bought another slice of chocolate cake for me!
On another separate meeting up session with my friends, PC & KR , we decided to meet at serangoon, Nex and had monster curry for our dinner! It was the second meet up since my post wedding dinner. Haha, i guess our next meet up will be gathering together to attend Chanel's wedding in dec!

We went to have some desserts after that too. We shall meet up very soon!