Saturday, November 11, 2017

iDarts Event @ Bugis+, Hajime Tonkatsu & Ramen

Hello readers! It's been awhile since i update my blog again. Recently i was attending one of my colleague event that she organised. It was the darts event. Before i attend the event, i thought it could be pretty boring because my impression of darts event are the traditional kind of darts board that you can find in bars, not the electronic kind of version that i actually know existed after i attend this event. Haha, it has also been quite sometime since i visit Bugis and Bugis+ mall has changed so much, the darts event was held at their store. We book the whole place for our event.

 They have the bar counter that you can order the alcohol drinks.

The reception counter
There were many darts machine and we get to play halfway during the event too.  We had also ordered the catering to be setup for our guests.

Basically, you will be given 3 darts and you will throw on the board and score will be recorded, there are a few mode that you can play and it was quite interesting to have a couple of games with your friends if you are looking for a new place to hangout. I think it cost $1 to play per game and you can purchase their card and store the value inside.

This was on another meeting session with Michelle as i only know that she play darts often and even have her own personalised darts set! So after our dinner that day at serangoon, we went to play and it was fun when they have the game mode that two players can play together by hitting as much score as possible to defeat the monster.

After the darts event, i went back home to get the car before driving down to pick Jeremy at the airport as he was returning on the same day. He suggested to have some good food, but i had no idea what to eat, until i told him as i was going to have dinner with Michelle, the coming thursday and we were having japanese cuisine at the Hajime Tonkatsu & Ramen restaurant located in Nex so maybe we can try out that place first. Hahahaha. So here we are! This restaurant doesn't charge any service charge so basically the price you see on their menu are fixed. 

They are famous for their premium pork loin that i ordered ($21.90nett) Basically, after you have decide on your order, head to the counter to make the payment before waiting for the food to be serve to you.
 It smell really good and the pork loin was so good like the one i had in Japan! So i was telling Michelle that we can go for our dinner because i did the quality control and this is good!

This was on another separate meeting session with Michelle and i ordered the salmon 

When we went back home, i was surprised that Jeremy got me a gift. I wasn't expecting for any gift but this look really pretty when he give it to me. Haha
It has this lock design but that's not how it is used to remove the bracelet. It was so bright that my colleague noticed it immediately the next day when i was wearing it to work, she wanted me to take out to let her see clearly but i realised i doesn't know how to take it out because it's not the typical clip on bracelet and Jeremy help me to put it on that day, everyone thought there is a key to unlock the lock before the bracelet can be taken off. I have been wanting to ask him how to remove the bracelet but i kept forgetting.

I guess i shall this post for now.
Till then!