Friday, February 16, 2018

Chinese New Year 2018

Hello readers! wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year! This post will be a consolidation of all the different days of celebrating CNY as i combine all the photos together in this post.

This year was the year of dog and also the first year that i am distributing angbaos as a newly wed couple. Even though Jeremy is not in Singapore for CNY this year, but angbao is still a must to distribute! Hahaha. So i went online and purchase this super cute dog design angbao for this year as shown above.

Usually, i am very busy during the eve of cny, as my own parents have been keeping the traditions of praying and we don't usually eat reunion dinner on the eve of cny because this takes the entire day. It was a contrast to Jeremy's family or rather majority of the family do eat reunion dinner during the eve of CNY except my own family. Even though i am married now, but i am still staying at my parents house while waiting for our own house to be ready, thus i do still have to help out with my family traditions. It's just that instead of spending a whole day at home to help out, i spend half a day returning back to Tampines to have reunion dinner with his parents on the eve of chinese new year before i drive back to woodlands to help out again at my own parents house.

Many of my friends were quite surprised despite Jeremy's absence in town that i would still try to visit Jeremy's parents at least once every two weeks without his accompany. I am not exactly close to his parents, but i thought i could go back at least fortnightly in case they need me to check anything etc.
When i went back to Tampines during the CNY eve, i was not feeling well, was having a sore throat, i guess it's due to overconsumption of peach. Hahaha the peach was too irresistible, sweet and juicy! So on cny day 1, i lose my voice. This lasted very long even when CNY is ending but i was not recovering.

 (Mainly because on one side i was feeding on medicine, on the other side i was still eating all the cny goodies snacks) Hahaha.

Took some photos of my parents house decor, this year has two additional dog plush toy because olm thought it was cute when we were shopping at the Giant mart @ Tampines and i became the one who paid for it. Did you spot the centre one? Hahaha

The amount of foods & drinks prepared at my house during cny.

On the cny eve, i just changed to my new akemi bedsheets and i haven even sleep on it and this cheeky duffy was already standby position preparing to jump up on my bed when i was warning her with my eye contact.
 Close up of her cheeky face when i told her 'No, she can't get up' but she did.
When everyone is busy, she will run around looking at what we are doing, sometimes, she is better known as a teddy bear instead of a dog because she is way too active
This year, beside Duffy, it was also the first time Miu Miu (newly adopted dog) celebrate her first chinese new year in our family! I bought them this super cute gold color chain for them to wear during the chinese new year!
 This is miu miu! Hahaha she has very big eyes too!

I thought this was a cute shot as it seem like they are queuing up for their treat with Duffy and Miumiu each looking at one side and we have our neighbour dog waiting outside our door too! Haha.

For CNY day 2,it was visiting my family relative side, this year among us cousins, we come to an agreement to gather at just two houses, one in the afternoon and the other one at night and every year we will go by rotation basis so we don't have to go house hopping from one house to another one, and more time for bonding aka gambling sessions. Haha, so this year we started at our elder aunt house follow by gathering at my house. All dressed up preparing to head to my aunt house!

Duffy do get jealous whenever we play with Miu Miu, if we appear to play more with her, she will try to push miu miu. 

I got them matching outfits!

My elder aunt house has alot more dogs, while Duffy was excited playing with everyone, Miu Miu was shivering for a moment and keeping close to my mum, probably worried that we might leave her over here. Hahaha. while at my aunt house, she didn't dare to move around but choosing to stay at my side. 

We had the bbq steamboat before the first yusheng!
Luckily our house was big enough to place two long table for the bbq steamboat! 

Don't look at her looking so innocent.
When she is angry, this is her dramatic expression! Hahaha
But then again, most of the times she is still nice.. haha
Olm took some random shots of her in her room, she is really cute at times.
Miu Miu when they bring her out for their doggy swimming session.
During the chinese new year season, there are so many movies to watch and there was a day where i met up with JJ and JY to watch a movie @ Yishun and this was our dinner at Northpoint city. Yishun Northpoint has changed so much! We had almost the same main course so i only took one shot of it.

On another separate day, Mummy cook this! This is really good!

During the month of february, it seems a whole month of feasting, back at my work, we had the cny staff lunch as well! We lao alot of yusheng as well! As i am under the staff welfare committee, thus i went up earlier to help out on the checking of the foods that my colleague has ordered.
The food really look good!

Usually i would invite all my friends to my house during the cny season for bbq steamboat gathering, but this time round, since i don't have my voice back in time, it was hard for me to host so i had it cancelled. The only one that i had was inviting my colleague for the first time to my house for dinner!
Yet another yusheng after the dinner! As they came over to my house on a weekday night so they couldn't stay long, so probably will organise next time on a friday night so everyone doesn't have to rush to go off.

As my family dialect is hokkien, so another of the tradition that my parents has been keeping to, on the Chinese new year day 9, we will have this praying session to the 天公。(aka praying to the god)
I am not sure whether i will still need to keep up with this tradition next time especially i am married into the teochew family. But keeping a photo of the preparation for my own reference next time.
Though typically not all hokkien family is require to offer so many items during the praying session, this only applies to my family. Haha

Before i end this post, showing more photos of Miu miu and duffy, their different set of cny outfit! Haha

 Isn't she adorable? Haha

When mama scold her because she didn't pee properly, she will give this kind of head bow low, refusing to eat for the entire day. Super got character dog. haha

Till then!