Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day without Jeremy

Hello readers! I didn't really celebrate Valentine's day this year as Jeremy was not in town, so to me it was just a normal day especially when CNY is approaching and there were so much to help out in my house. I did took leave just to do my hair before going back and Jeremy was so excited as he wanted to make sure that i stays at home during the evening because he mentioned there were surprise for me! So this beautiful bouquet of flowers and teddy bear was his surprise to me even though he couldn't celebrate Valentine day with me this year.

Before that, my colleague was sending me this photo that she took after she went to buy a box of peach and it looks good so i went to tease her whether the peach comes with the 'cai shen ye' and the cat plush toy. To which she tell me 'NO.' Hahaha. but i love peaches and the best peach that i ever taste so far was in Taiwan! Big and juicy peaches! I was however quite skeptical with the peaches imported in Singapore, because none has ever taste the same that i had back in Taiwan.
She didn't bought the whole box of peach to consume as she shared with another of my colleague about half of the total quantity, so the next day back in the office, she told me that i can try it for myself before deciding if its good. So i tried it, though it was still not as juicy as the one i had in Taiwan, however this was better than the typical peaches sold in the supermarket! So i get from her the address as this supplier do not have any physical store and it's self collection at her place, they imported this from Australia. It was pretty cheap too, selling for only about $28 for 23/25/28 pieces per box. So i started order taking among my friends as i wasn't sure if i could finish one box and eventually i went to liaise with the supplier and was going to purchase 3 boxes!

Another colleague of mine went with me to collect one box home while i brought the other 2 box back. The peaches are fragile so we had to handle them with care otherwise it get dented very easily as it was quite juicy. As i am writing this post, i really miss the taste of this peaches. 
Tadah, the two boxes of peaches that i bought home!

It can get really addictive as i think i eat at one time 3 a day! 1 is simply not enough! Due to over-consumption, hahaha my throat feels funny on the day of valentine day. Some of them told me peaches could be quite heaty and since it's super sweet that contribute to my sore throat on valentine's day. So after my hairdo on that day, i was home in the evening and was waiting for my surprise which i already knew it should be a bouquet of flowers that he is sending. But it was very funny when he was asking me almost every hour when the delivery man still did not delivered the 'surprise' he has for me.

I received the bouquet of flowers only close to 10pm. To me, it was quite unacceptable, delivering at such late timing might as well don't deliver. It doesn't mean that i am not celebrating valentine day or my husband is not in Singapore that i deserve to collect my flowers last right?

It was damm irritating and they could have knew it because of a postcard that Jeremy has specially asked them to write on it. I was happy to receive the flowers from Jeremy but i did also mentioned to Jeremy that he can consider ordering from other florists next time.
Making the bouquet of flowers look more outstanding with my magic hands. By using the fairy lights~

Actually, i was quite surprised that Jeremy got me this cute teddy bear as i wasn't expecting this. Hahaha. I am not really a fan of teddy bear but this teddy bear is so soft that i am keeping this! Haha even though i had been clearing soft toys as i do not have any intention to bring all into our new house next time.

Hahaha, this was in my instagram stories after i received the gift on that day.

Took this photo for olm valentine day flowers too!

Then i remember i have my duffy and shelliemay bear so i brought it out to display together! Haha

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!
Till then.