Thursday, October 23, 2014

Boyfriend is back!

Hello readers! A photo of me after losing all those kilos!
I guess  i was more motivated to lose weight because bf was overseas for 3 weeks, and i wanted to give him a surprise when he is back!
Weight has been a big issue for me since young because i was overweight since birth, and during my teenage years, i don't really keep a watch of my diet, looks at my past posts of going out with friends and eating all the good food to having a bf that indulge me in eating more good food as well!
My heaviest weight was 84kg when i step on the weighing scale and i really got so scared!
Initially i refused to face the reality, i was pushing the blame to the weighing scale, but i know its me.
weighing scale don't lie, it shows how heavy you are even though you don't think you looked fat.
numbers is the only real indicator of whether you are really gaining weight.
At one point of time, i was getting depressed because i couldn't fit into any of my old clothes and i couldn't fit in new clothes that i bought too!

3 weeks passed so fast that i was so shocked when bf is returning but i have not hit my desired weight goal. But i am still glad that he is finally coming back to Singapore!
He bought this cute poodle toy for me when he came back, it was meant to disturb duffy as well! haha
It was so funny when i try to put the toy on the floor and duffy was so timid, she try to go near this small poodle toy but retreating at the same time when the toy is moving.
She is getting fatter becuse of her fur!
 Sometimes i would tried to pretend that i am snastching her food so she would quickly safeguard her food before i had a chance to grab it away!
Some of the snacks that bf brought back from Taiwan!
He went to get for me my laneige products as well! Initially i only ask him to get one of my moisturiser, but he decided to buy more of different products after the salesgirl was introducing to him the products.
sweet of him right!
Shall end now, till then!