Sunday, October 19, 2014

Homerun baseball, Battling Cage

Hello readers! I had just finished my exams and met up with JJ and JY as we was going to explore a new hangout place which is the homerun baseball battling cage located near pandan gardens!

She was kinda of cooperative and this photo above make her look so toot! haha
I was planning to actually take a photo of myself and thats when she decided to photobomb me -.- and that explains the blurry shot of her because it was on self-timer mode

Lastly one last photo of us! i love this photo of us, her eyes are perfectly normal, not kanna box but because the fur is sort of covering her eyes and that explains her eye on this photo.

The banner before we entered the place,
this is not the usual typical kind of baseball where you require lots of people to play as a team.
For this battling cage, all you need to do is to enter the lane of the speed that you prefer, aim properly when there will be a cue that the ball is coming out and try to ensure you hit the ball when it is coming your way!
This is really more of aiming and getting the ball hit correctly when cue!
These are the indoor cages, with different speeds, for beginner like us, the staff was recommending us to try the softball instead of baseball first to familiarize ourself with our position and how we managed to hit the ball. They have different speed and so far i only tried 80km/h for softball and baseball! 
In order to play, you will need to purchase tokens, as each tokens is equivalent to 1 play, and 1 play have about 15 balls for the batter lanes and 12 balls for the pitching lanes.
 if you are going with a group of friends, i think its will be highly recommend to sign up as a member, Because signing up as a member is $50 which gives 16 tokens! 
and subsequently if you return, the member rates give you advantage compare to non-member when buying the tokens!
spending a certain amount to accumulate point allow you to redeem some gifts too!
as there was three of us, we signed up as member! so there was about 16 tokens, a rough estimate of us playing is about an hour plus, so if you have more friends, maybe it takes longer time to play with exchanging turns as each cage allow one person to play at a time!

 They have adult and kid bat so kids are able to play this activity as well even though i feel if theya re too young they might not have the strength to hold the ball or because of their height, they might not even get to hit the ball.
Initially i couldn't get to hit the ball at all, but after several practices i was able to get the momentum!

They was playing together at the pitching lane whereby the machine will throw out the ball and you just have to catch it and hit the number that are flashing, if you managed to hit the number that is flashing, you get more points, if you hit any other number, point are given too!
but most of the time, you tend to hit none of the numbers.. HAHA
there is a chit at the end of every game and we was challenging each other, and i was the winner!

Overall, i think it was quite fun and it can help to tone your arms because i have aching arms the next day. hahahaha.
but i probably think it would be better if they can have it fully air conditioned because its quite hot even though they had air con but they did not fully enclose it, so the aircon was not strong.
This could be a good place to hang out with your friends if you are bored of the activities available to do in Singapore.

It is located at 200 pandan gardens, nearest mrt , Jurong East Mrt, just take a bus at the interchange, you can take either bus 51 or 143 to reach the place!
After our baseball session, we went back to Jurong East and we was taking some wefie while waiting for the bus which took quite long.

I hope there are more and more interesting activities happening in jurong area so there is not a need to head down to central area  every time!
We went to shop at several different shopping centre at jurong, since they have Westgate, JEM and Jcube.
We had our dinner at Miam Miam!

This was the first time i visit the Miam miam, before that i only saw their outlet at bugis junction, 
JY had tried it before and she was raving about this restaurant and this particular dish so both JY and i ordered the same item, the bacon spaghetti!
it was not bad! but to me that is on a diet, its kinda of oily so i only finished probably half? haha so that it is less sinful. 
The atmosphere is quite nice except the customer service is average, because we told the staff we want the toast to be served later, but they served it all at one whole shot, zz
this was the dish that JJ ordered.

Their toast is quite good though!
it was a good gathering with them.
till then!