Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Michelle's 23th Birthday Celebration at Kith Cafe, Park Mall

Hello readers! Finally our first photo for this year,
It has been long since we meet up, and i think we are not so enthusiastic of taking photo/selfies/instagram as we have been doing this since like 18 years old?
We spend our time chatting at a cafe which is the Kith Cafe located at Park Mall.

We ordered truffles fries and pizza!

I was looking for a present for MTLW, and every year it was a tough job because all of us have given each other lots of stuffs before.
So this time round, i decided to get her a necklace at Citigems!
We didn't arranged to wear the same colour of dress but to realised we are wearing the same colour tone when we meet up with each other!

Even though we don't meet on a regular basis, but we do text over whatsapp to keep in contact,
we don't feel that we are drifting apart because we are the kind of good friends that even if you don't meet on a regular basis with each other, there won't be any awkward moment or nothing to talk about when we meet.
shall end for now.
Till then!