Saturday, July 8, 2017

Bangkok Day 3 Chatuchak Weekend Market, Rod Fai Night Market AGAIN!

Hello readers! Day 3 of our bangkok trip, our itinerary of the day was Chatuchak weekend market, Rod Fai Night Market. 
We start our day at Pratunam morning market because we wanted to see if there is a difference with the items they were selling if we go on different days. Most of the times, they are pretty much the same, but as JY didn't shop on the first day, so she went early with Terence in the morning to shop while it's our turn to sleep in. Hahaha, it was her turn to buy some breakfast and share with us.

Both Jieying & I are pretty familiar with Chatuchak weekend market, this is a must visit place for tourists if you haven't been there. This was the first time for the guys. Some of their apparel are going as low as 100 baht! Both of us love going to chatuchak because the items are really cheap! If this is the first time you are planning to visit Chatuchak, you can refer to my previous post where i have written a guide to better navigate around in Chatuchak market over here. As they have multiple entrance, at some entrance they do hand out a map for you to refer, otherwise it's better to get a map before you head down so you will be able to identify how you can navigate around the area and visit the sections that you want to shop as different sections sell different variety of items.

This time round, we took grab because there were 4 of us and it was pretty cheap compared to taking the train. It can get pretty hot in Chatuchak so usually i would bring an umbrella, a portable fan and wear as comfortable as you can. It's very common to find many stalls in Chatuchak that offer engraving of name on your selected design and color passport cover, so initially we were shopping together but Terence want to purchase more than 4-5 passport cover for his parents at the same time making the price comparison among the stalls. Usually, i think the price would be pretty much the same, if there is one particular stall that charge lower than the rest, i am sure the quality might be compromised. But anyway most of the items is already quite cheap so i suggested we continue our shopping separately first because i am a fast shopper, i don't take too long to decide what i want unless the price is in thousands. Haha, think during the few hours, i have bought a few set of my pajamas, t-shirts, shorts, Jeremy bought some polo tee, pants and when i text Jieying to check whether they were done and she told me she was quite frustrated because she haven't shop anything as all this while as she was waiting for Terence. Hurhur.

We meet up halfway when Terence is finally done and we were shopping together before we decide to had our lunch.

In chatuchak market, there is one area that you can sit down and order the dishes, so we had our lunch there and this was the 2nd time that i visit the same place but this time round we ordered the satay and they were pretty good and cheap!
Their pineapple rice in a pineapple, haha

We decide to went for a massage because i tried once previously in Chatuchak and it was cheap at $8 for head,shoulder and foot massage for 45min! We walked too much during our first trip and my feet were sore but the soreness effect were gone after the massage. So i wanted to visit the same outlet back in Chatuchak, but i couldn't really recall how it looks like anymore.

There are quite a few massage services inside the chatuchak, you will have to shop further inside the indoor sections to locate most of the massage services. So eventually we settled for one, about $10 for about 1hour, Jieying didn't want to have the massage so three of us went for the massage while she went on her own for some shopping!

I have low pain tolerance so usually i will tell the masseur to go gentle and lesser force for my massage. I will reiterate more than once even if they might not understand english to make sure they get the message. My masseur were pretty fine, but i couldn't stop laughing at Jeremy because his masseur were exerting great force on him, and there were some parts he had told the masseur its quite painful but the masseur simply ignored him and he were trying to tolerate the pain, it was too funny and i kept laughing because i think he doesn't really want to admit it's too painful but after the session, i was teasing if he would like to come again and try but he say no thanks. The first and last session. Hahahaha, but i think maybe the masseur have something against him because the masseur were really using lot of force on him, and i thought it was quite extreme kind.

Usually most of the shops in Chatuchak market will start to pack their stuff and close by 5-6pm, however there are many roadside stalls being setup at the road side or the walking pavement that tourists can still shop for clothes, accessories and many more! We were staying till late in the evening this time, so we managed to shop some items from the roadside stalls. It's so easy to set up a business there because all you need to have could be just a mat and u just laid out all your stuffs on it and hoping someone will pick it up and pay for it. 
I found this chocolate prata this time round that Jieying wanted to try previously, it smell really good until i see the seller was putting lots of condensed milk and i was like, omggg,but it taste good and i know this is better shared instead of individual because of its calories. 
After that, we decided to go Rod Fai night market, the same market that i went the day before but didn't get to shop anything because it was raining. When we went there, it was very crowded. The expectations were different from the last time we went. Not sure if its because we went during the mourning period but the crowd were lesser, but it was pretty crazy as there were snake long queue everywhere and you have to follow the crowd to get pass most of the stalls, which can pretty dampen up your mood especially if the ventilation is not too good. 

We bought some finger foods to try at the night market,


 Watermelon juice that JY & Terence queue up to buy and i was trying to escape from the crowd because its too crowded.

We wanted to have our dinner in one of the stalls but most of them are full, so eventually i was trying to find a place to settle down because my legs were sore again after all the walking. There was one store that were not open but they have their bench piled up outside the shop space so i suggest to take out their bench so we can sit on it instead of sitting on the floor, i took care our belongings while they went to buy the foods so we can have a picnic like dinner outside the shop space. Hahaha

I noticed that the price of the items selling at rod fai night market could be on the high side compared to other night markets, mainly because its very accessible, you can shop and eat with a wide range of selections of foods plus there are several bars that you can hang out to have some drinks so it attract all the crowd and naturally the possible reason for items being priced higher.

We didn't get to shop much before we grab back to our hotel, shall end this post for now.
till then!