Sunday, July 9, 2017

Bangkok Day 4 - Platinum Fashion Mall, Chatuchak weekend market - Big C supermarket - Talad Neon Night Market

Hello readers! This will be our day 4 in Bangkok, our last night in Bangkok as well even though we were taking the evening flight back tomorrow. We decided to have japanese cuisine, so we went to Platinum mall, this japanese restaurant is located on the same level of the food court. I ordered a little bit of everything and realised later that i had ordered so much. The food is pretty good! You definitely can try this restaurant because it was pretty cheap compared to the price we paid back in Sg if we ordered exactly the same.

I was surprised the staff even asked if we would like to have coffee/tea after our meal, before serving us this coffee pudding. We didn't ordered this but i guess it was complimentary for us. Haha
This was our total bill, converting back to sgd it cost only $71 for this meal for 4 person! Which mean it cost only $17 per pax! 
After our meal, we continued our shopping at Platinum mall because we didn't really shop on the first day before Terence was saying whether he should buy his pants/polo tee back in chatuchak weekend market. He didn't bought it previously. Since we are pretty free on that day, so we grab back to Chatuchak and we continued more shopping again. But i didn't shop for long because most of the times, it was Jeremy who bought more items than me, there were no suitable clothing for me so eventually i told him i shall wait for him at this clock tower and i was using my Hello kitty fan while resting.
This time we visit Big C supermarket on our last night so that we might not end up spending so much on the snacks. Jieying was the shopping queen of Big C previously. Hahaha, we try the tuk tuk from Chatuchak to drop us at the central plaza so that we can visit the Big c supermarket nearby. 

Big C is very popular with tourists as most of the times i will see many sweeping all the snacks off the shelves and the staff will quickly replenish it again. However, i realised not all the items are cheap in Big C, so this time round i didn't really bought alot more than previously.

The first trolley was mine and the second one was JY. Obviously she is going to be the biggest spender in Big C again. Hahahaha. 

As our hands were full with all the Big C plastic bags after our purchase, we decided to return back to our hotel to put all the stuffs before heading out for dinner at Talad Neon night market.

Staying in Pratunam has this perk because everywhere is within walking distance as long as you can walk. Hahaha. The talad neon night market were more lively compared to the first day that we visit. More stalls are open but there are lesser people, and the stalls are pretty spaced out so it was easy to shop around.  We ordered from a stall their fried rice, and it's so funny when they told us they have run out of seafood so they only have prawns and we say ok. The dish was serve to us after that and there is really only one prawn! Hahaha

We couldn't try the big platter of seafood at Rod fai night market previously, so we decided to order one and try it in Talad Neon! The plate is uncomplete because the person told us the popular fish need to wait so she serve us the other seafood first.

The grilled fish, don't be deceived by its first appearance. it's quite good so long you don't eat the skin because it's salty.
We had our dinner pretty late and we were trying to buy the popular siam banana. If you haven't heard or try it before, i think you should!

Their siam banana is similar to the one like Japan Tokyo banana, I can't really tell the difference between the two, but i know price is a major factor because it cost about 50 cent each for one siam banana while Tokyo banana is more expensive.

I thought this could be the perfect snack if you are returning back on your last day to bring back for your friends/colleagues because this is really good though it has a shorter life span and not advisable to keep for too long.

These bananas are sold in 7-11 convenience stores but initially when JY & Terence went to the one near our hotels, it was sold out. So they began to comb almost the 7-11 stores in our vicinity and they finally found one that were just replenishing. Before they start to comb down all these bananas off the shelves inside their shopping basket. They managed to help me buy some too. Haha

While they were finding, we went back to our hotel first to do some packing before meeting them at their hotel to collect, and i was amazed by how much siam banana they have purchase so i laid it on their table to take this photo! I love both original & chocolate flavour though majority of them like the original flavour.

Jeremy tried one and he like it so much that he went out early morning to find the siam bananas again. In fact, i think they purchase more than just the amount of banana in this photo above because JY & Terence bought somemore at the airport before our flight. Haha.

Initially, i suggested to play the game of in between and using these bananas as the bet but JY does not want to play as she was worried of losing all the bananas she has bought. Hahahhaa.

It was raining heavily so we were staying in their room playing some poker cards before heading back to our hotel. Centrepoint has a sidegate to enter however it close at midnight, so we had to walk one big round to their main entrance and that's when i realised there were quite a number of massage parlour that we didn't discovered previously because we had always been using the side gate.

With that, i shall end this post for now.
Till then!