Monday, July 10, 2017

Bangkok Day 5 - Departing from Bangkok, Home sweet home back to Singapore!

Hello readers! It was our last day in Bangkok. We was taking the night flight, departing around 9pm and reaching Singapore around midnight, so initially we asked if we can extend to late checkout, but i think glow hotel was overbooked so even when we offer to pay for extension of late checkout, we was unable to get any extension of late check out. Jieying went to check with her hotel and they were able to provide them late check out until 2 or 3pm. initially, we thought of placing our luggage with the concierge but since JY was able to have the late checkout, so we brought our luggage to their room until it was time to check out. Hahaha.

 I was playing a dancing game with JY on our mobile so the guys were more than happy to use their phones as well without us grumbling.

After we checked out, we place our luggage at the centrepoint concierge first as we thought we could come back and retrieve it later. We went to Central world for our lunch before settling down in one of this casual restaurant for some thai food.

Tom yum soup! yums!

 After our lunch, we were exploring around the mall because it was huge! They have more than 500 stores and 100 over restaurant plus some other recreational activities.

On our way back, Terence wanted to buy some of his apparels in platinum mall so we agreed to have separate shopping time and meet back at the hotel at the agreed timing. This time round, i am more careful with my spending because we didn't have enough baht when we reached airport the other time and to take a cab to the airport so i was making sure that we have enough baht to last us on our last day. Haha

Terence wanted to take the train back to the airport, because he thought it was cheaper as it cost only less than $2 back to the airport. This is possible because the other time, when i travel with JJ & JY, we took the train back to the airport. At that time, I was pushing my overweight luggage weighing more than 25kg walking from centrepoint to taking the nearest BTS before changing to the railway airport link at Phaya thai station. It was quite tiring la. During the transition, JJ was helping me to carry my luggage up to the train platform because we had to take the staircase and there were no lift. I thought it was quite taxing. While it is possible to take the train, i wouldn't want to walk under the hot sun again pushing our heavy luggage again if there were better alternative like taking a cab. It may cost more than $2 however, it's convenient and we can travel back to the airport with ease.

During my texts with JY as they were still shopping while we were resting at the hotel lobby, i was telling her that we can take a cab because there are 4 of us, we have more than 4 luggage and even though taking the train will be cheaper but this time round i would prefer to take a cab instead. I think Terence was trying to convince me to take the train but i was not really for the idea. I wanted to suggest that they can take the train if they want and we can go for the cab and meet at the airport but i didn't want to appear offensive even though my intentions was not to force them into taking a cab if they doesn't really want and vice versa. So eventually, they didn't insist on taking the train anymore and taking the cab together.

So we get the person to book for us, issue us the ticket and call us when the cab here. It was a big cab that allows us to put all our luggage and we have enough space to sit comfortably and rest on our way to the airport. I think it was so comfortable that i dozed off in the cab and only awake when we were reaching the airport. Hahahaha.

We went to check in before looking for a place to have our dinner! Our last thai food in bangkok airport.

I have been looking for asahi beer during this trip but i couldn't find any, so i ordered one when i saw the restaurant sell asahi beer! 
I tend to ensure we reach early in the airport so that we will not be late for boarding, so while we were waiting near the boarding gate area, there were a baby crying non-stop. It was quite irritating but i thought the baby and its parents were taking other flight until they told me it seems they are taking the same flight as us and i was like OMG. I have expected a crazy ruckus in the plane later.

As we were boarding, i was surprised to met my friend, Belinda as she work under Jetstar and was one of the crew in the plane. Before the plane start to take off, the baby has been crying and it is quite nerve-wrecking and the parent's doesnt seem to know how to handle the baby because it was so irritating that many other passengers like me were expressing their frustration as they were looking at the back where the baby is located at.
As much as i understand that it's normal for a baby to cry as much as they want, but i thought the parent should have done something about it to find out what is exactly wrong with their baby. The baby couldn't stop crying at all! Instead of carrying the baby up and down, they didn't really try to figure out what their baby want because the crying last throughout the whole flight. i should be thankful at least this is not a 10hour flight.

That's when i decide if we ever had a baby in future, the baby should stay at home because i wouldn't want to get stuck in such an embarrassing situation and creating so much nuisance to the other passengers on board. It's just too inconsiderate. Beside there are too much stuff to bring if you are travelling with a baby. Too troublesome.

We was so glad when the plane has landed safely in changi airport. 

I shall end this post for now.
Till then.