Friday, February 17, 2017

Our Wedding Day (Jeremy & Jocie ) 我們的大喜之日 Morning Ceremony

Hello readers! Yay! Finally i am here to blog on our wedding day!
This post will be on our wedding day morning ceremony, be prepared for more photos blasting as i had more than 1000+ photos but i am just going to select those that i like to be posted in this post! This will be a mixture of photos taken from our professional photographer and photos taken by family & friends etc.

If you guys has been reading my wedding planning post, this is how it looks like in the morning when we was hanging it up the night before! Pretty! The sisters customise this cute photoframe during the night. Fits all my pink theme! Hehe. 

Babysitter Ken who is in charge of carrying Duffy when they was waiting for the groom to reach. It was captured in the video and he was so cute carrying Duffy like a baby!
My aunt came early morning and do up this beautiful fresh flowers for decor purposes.

Spot the funny Duffy lying like a hot dog on the floor. Hahaha. She must be feeling bored no one is playing with her as everyone was busy with helping out in the morning.
Everyone helping out in our wedding!

It's a mixture of CNY mood + wedding looking at the rhymed couplet still hanging on our house walls. There were many soft drinks around because our wedding date was just one week after the CNY. Even the wall is matching purple! Hahahaha.

 My Duffy looking as photogenic as her owner! Haha

In the morning, she wasn't dressed yet and i remind OLM to rmb to dress her up! So cute! This was one of the shots that our photographer captured. Haha standing on her feet.
Matching the dress code, my sisters that was fixing some stuffs in OLM's room

Mama Oh busy working in the kitchen, helping the sisters with the gatecrash food!
 As i mentioned before, playing disgusting food games is not allowed for my gatecrash. Personally i find it wasted to destroy foods just like that after all the weird combination. I wanted to skip the gatecrash too but the sisters protested as they find it might be too quiet without gatecrash segment, so we had the gatecrash as usual but i decide the games! Hoho. This bride has a mind of its own hor.
Instead of putting wasabi, chili, or any disgusting foods combination that you can think of, my sisters are all generous enough by preparing proper foods with hidden agenda.
So the food prepared was siew mai, seaweed chicken, custard buns, sandwiches, nuggets, hot dog wrapped in bacon sticks, har gao. All these selected by the bride because those are my favourites too!
This was supposedly the breakfast for the brothers, even though the sisters was tempted to eat while they was waiting for the brothers, i forgot to tell them they could help themselves with all the food. I was busy doing my makeup, hairdo in the morning. 
No one sets the rule that gatecrash cannot use normal food! My sisters was saying i am one of the nicest bride because they had helped out a few other wedding as sisters where most of the times its normal to have gross disgusting food combination. I don't see it meaningful to have my sisters torture my husband if we are already getting married, it was really not that important to have everyone see him eating those foods to prove that he LOVE ME to be able to overcome any challenges. But i did try to intimidate him by telling him we are having the most evil gatecrash plot ever. Wahahaha.
But the photographer was saying how sometimes its too good to be true that the brothers might still be skeptical when proper nice food is offered to them.

All these food has been labelled by the flag toothpick, the more they eat, the more they have to clock the required number on the pedometer. Each dish has a number of count they would clock when they consume.
Adapted from the running man show, so it was not exactly a easy just eat game for them. The groom was not even aware of this plot even after the wedding. They didn't even suspect a thing when the sisters was trying to get them to eat as much as they want.

Meanwhile, before they arrived at my house, my MUA, photographer, videographer reached my place at 7am , i help myself to some quick bee hoon before starting my makeup! I am a fast eater so this bride will always have time to eat. Haha 
 Starting with my makeup first!

 When my makeup is finally done and time to put on my wedding gown!
Continuing my hairdo~

Early morning, i don't have much expression so it was a challenge when the photographer or videographer was trying to film me and asking me to smile if not its a chao bin face. Haha

While i was still busy with my hairdo, the sisters came in and decorated my bed of roses. Haha. All this came pretty handy as i bought too much the other time when i was celebrating Jeremy birthday that there were a few packets unopened so they tried to spread the roses petals everywhere they could think of.
Spread the rose petals, need to be so happy meh? OLM reaction is epic.

Even Duffy came inside my room to kaypoh too! Haha

Yes, i am done, putting on the accessories
I am done!
Choose a super simple gown because simple is elegant. Hurhur.

MUA photo-taking session before she left.
My last min attempt to get fresh roses was right! My hairdo is pretty!

Papa & Mama Oh flipping my veil down~

When we was waiting for the groom to come up, the sisters was so cute as they rushed in quickly to take a photo with me. Including Duffy! Haha, i was quite shocked that i forgot to flip back my veil. 

 Ken doing some karate to Duffy i think!
   Here comes the bridal car!

 See this irritating groom wearing the stupid earset. I only realised much later when i start looking at the photos. Roll eyes* He think it is some stupid op. If you have done your briefing properly, it is really not necessary to wear that.

Some shots for groom & his brothers.

 Gatecrashing challenge starts!

 They was offered to eat as much as they want first. Groom love this gatecrash activity. Hahaha

  Duffy asking for food as well and he feed him one nugget too! Haha

 Eat. Eat and Eat.

After eating is done, they have to draw one of this to see they have to use the pedometer on which part of their body.

Too easy already, i should have placed the easy one out and put on the forehead one! No one got the forehead area!

 The sisters was too excited they didn't realised the groom is not doing instead.

Next is the Get the shots game!
So they are supposed to throw the giant dice and decide which number they draw, based on the number, they will need to use the five stones to throw from a distance the number they had draw, 1 to 6. If they fail to throw the number they need, it will multiply the no. of shots they have to drink as a penalty.
So for eg : a person throw the dice and get a 6. he need to throw the stone to ensure he hit the 6 on this poster. If he doesn't hit 6, but hit on other numbers, it will be that number, for eg, he hit on a 4.
6 x 4 = 24 shots he need to drink.

This is the right way to play, i think lm didn't exactly explain the correct set of instructions as the brothers was confused.  Missed out the fun as they was playing outside but i was inside the room. hurhur

 Those shots does not contain any disgusting combinations. Each number has a different type of drink which is green tea, apple cider, coke, orange, spirte and one more which i can't recall.
 Never see before brothers so happy one right during gate crashing. Haha

 By right there should be the photoframe challenge which they hang it outside, but they skip out this game! I thought this game should be the most funny and interesting one when the music will start playing and they have to ensure they are all inside the photoframe when the sisters will do all they can to obstruct them! But again, olm didn't execute out the game as per my instructions.

So this was the final game before the groom can finally open the bride room door!
It was a pretty easy game, Kang rui printed out our face features and mix it up, so the game was to find the correct features for my face. But OLM changed the rules again to get them to match everyone including the sisters face as well.

This last segment was the impromptu one as the sisters is not letting him go so easily until he say some sort of declaration of love for me. Haha, this part was very funny when he start to say we will have yearly holiday trips before it was intercept by PC that, 'to where? Malaysia uh.' super random

I think the sisters try to get him to say that his money is mine but he die die refused to say it, which is perfectly fine because his money is really mine. Hahahaha.
 They give chance to let him google on the spot. Hahahaha. Funny

 While they was playing, the bride was taking selfie in the room. Since no one hiu me.

Selfie stopped when it was time for him to open the door! Haha

 This is the part that was captured in the video that he was unable to lift up my veil. Haha

 My bouquet of roses, despite it being a day old, the roses still look pretty nice! no sign of withering yet!

 Phototaking session with the brothers and sisters!

Papa Oh and Mama Oh lighting the dragon candles!

This was impromptu as the brothers and sisters has more rose petals and start throwing again as we came out of the room. Hahaha.

 We almost forgot to burn the joss sticks to the ancestors until my ah yi reminded my mum just before we was leaving house.
A video of us praying to our ancestors before leaving the house, but this is so funny when duffy was standing up and stepping on my gown as i could feel the weight on my gown. Haha, and i kept forgetting to bring my flowers out.

I had no idea they had a individual photo taken with our house duffy! Haha she look like a teddy bear!

So we was ready to set off to the East!

A photo before we drive off to Tampines! Hahaha.
It's a long journey from north to east.
Our driver was very funny we was chatting while he is driving, he was joking as he mentioned that teochew has the tradition of giving si dian jin to the daughter in law, so he asked me whether i prepared a gift back in return to the husband since i received the si dian jin.

To which i reply , 我的就是他的嘛, my reaction is quick yo! Haha
Selfie time while in the car!
 I didn't edit any of this photo, my face look flawless! Haha

 Before the wedding, i did try to get Mr Tan to wear contact lens instead, but everyone was saying how he look very weird without glasses so eventually he had his glasses on.
It's was just very funny when he first put it on and he couldn't take it out when he first start wearing it. But that's the con when you don't wear contacts, there's reflection!

 This was taken using my phone! When Mr Tan is trying to coordinate with his brother on which route to take so that the videographer can film the car on the expressway.

 He was busy talking so i was busy taking selfie again. I love the makeup as it make me taking selfie so much easier as i can take any angle and still look good!

Photo taken with Jieying who get to sit in the Audi bridal car as the remaining sisters is sitting Jeremy's car and lm's bf car.

While waiting for our car to reach tampines to open the door for us
Cute samson!

 He got bored and start watching his cartoon instead. Haha

 When we finally reached! Haha

Another group photo before we go up!

The food is ready at Jeremy side! They ordered Neogarden catering and the food is pretty impressive i must say!

The sisters help me to take the food so i get to eat, kang rui told me she was so hungry and help herself a few servings of the yam paste with ginko nuts! It was a eat and eat and eat wedding for us! Haha. there were more food back at my house too!
Entering the groom house!

 According to the traditions, we entered our bridal room first, Jeremy went out to burn the joss stick, before coming back in to eat the dessert before the start of our tea ceremony.

 The super sweet dessert. First sip.
 Your turn! Hahahaha.
After we was done with the dessert, we went out preparing for the tea ceremony!

As there is too many uncles/aunts that are serving tea during the tea ceremony, i shall put just our papa mama photos instead of everyone!

Papa Tan giving me the necklace~

Jeremy received necklace from his aunt too!
 Tea toasting to jiejie
 Yay i got gold bracelet as well.

 starting to don all the additional new necklace, bracelet, hoho. the gold will match all my kua when you scroll the photo down~

 A family photo shot!

It was very lively at Jeremy side~
 Group phototaking with all the uncles/aunties that i can't recall and just follow Jeremy when he address them.

And one more with the brothers & sisters!

 Brothers and sisters never see before kissing scene. Hahahaha all look so happy one!
 After the tea ceremony is over, i went back to my room to change into my kua! Yay!
Jeremy help to unfasten the pin before Jeremy sister took over so that my hairdo is not messed up.

My shoe to match the kua~
Deng Deng Deng Deng! I think i look good in red kwa. This was a pretty new kwa so i was one of the few that get to wear it first!

 Putting on all my golds preparing to go back my house! Looks good so must take more selfie!

Jeremy relatives were like wow and generous with their compliments after i changed into my kwa!

 My MUA did a good job in drawing my brows! Haha

 I look slimmer here too!

I was pretty quick to change so i had more time to selfie!
Previously when Jieying was one of the sisters for her friend wedding, she say they didn't have much time to take photo, so this time round i make sure we take lots of photos during my wedding!
her face do appear alot of time this time round! Haha
 My kua was too large, as i didn't alter it again so some photos make me look fat. hurhur
 Us in our bridal room!

 So we was preparing to return back to my house when there were more relatives that almost missed the tea toasting, so we had one last one before leaving the house.

Saw Papa tan sitting at the staircase when we was about to leave for my house so i request for a photo taking just before we went back! Haha this bride love to take photos! So they went in to call Mama Tan out as well. heh

The makeup is very durable as i didn't even do any touch up at all and my makeup was still on my face!
 Had to adjust my kua so that it doesn't look so baggy when i take photo as seen below,

 We are back to my house!

Some photo-taking session before we head up, the driver was super friendly by telling us if we would like to go somewhere else for more photo-taking can let him know, he super chin chai and doesn't mind even though his last point is to drop us at our wedding venue.

Invited him to Jeremy house to have a bite and insisted that he come up to my house again for more foods! Hahahaha, he was also the one who observed and noticed that even my walls is matching color as the sisters dress code. Hahahaha.

I was getting ready to throw my flowers! As PC is the only single one at that moment, everyone was asking her to catch it instead.

Yay she got it! Heng uh. As i am writing this when it is in Aug, super throwback post, but i am proud to say that she is attached! Yay!! See, wedding luck mai siao siao! Hope she will live happily forever with the new bf! hehe

 I can pose, but when it comes to walking in the kua, i had to be mindful that i don't trip because i almost tripped a few time. Hahaha it seems that the long dress forbid me to walk big steps so i had to walk super small steps as it restrict the movement of my legs. But i still like this kua very much!

 Back to my house, photo taking with Duffy!

Time for tea toasting at my side to Papa Oh & Mama Oh!

 Yay to more golds! Hahahaha.

 Olm serving tea for us time!

 Very happy never see before teacup. Haha

After the tea toasting ceremony is over, the brothers and sisters had some free time to rest and help themselves with the lunch buffet that was prepared at my side too.

This was the dessert corner. The macaroon and strawberry was carved in heartshape.
Talent work coming from my aunt. She did the colorful agar agar as well! The remaining was purchases to place on the dessert stand.

Then we have the table of feast meant prepared for us beside having the buffet catering for our guests.
Specially get all this white plates, bowls just for presentations of dishes. Haha

 Dumpling, it makes me hungry now by looking at all this food! I didn't even finish much of this during that day!!
 Smoked Duck

 I was eating halfway then i realised lm's friend is going off, they didn't even take photos with me! So i called out to them, and took a photo, feel bad that they was waiting for us to came back but we was kinda overrun and one of them had to left first.

So at least i had a photo taken with them, thanks for coming even though they couldn't attend the banquet dinner as it was a hot date that day and everyone is getting married. Haha

After the meal, more photo-taking session with my sisters! That is how we overrun the morning schedule, Hahaha.

 Thanks for being part of our wedding celebration!

 They was trying hard to get Duffy look at the camera with us!

 Finally one can see everyone face one!

We did boomerang as well!

Tired already after the morning ceremony is finally over!

So everyone started packing to ensure all the stuffs is being brought to our wedding venue after that, i got changed and get JY to help me take a few more shots of the hairdo

Eventually we didn't have much time to go elsewhere to take more photos as we was heading straight to OCC to check in instead as i still need to remove my makeup and hair for the evening wedding.
That's when i told them i should have a 2 day wedding instead of 1. It's too rush!

Our bridal car that dropped us at OCC

Photo taken with Jieying as we was waiting for my driver to take last photo before his job duties is done!

 A proper photo before we checked in to our bridal suite!

I am not sure if everyone knows but OCC do have hotel rooms which is also why i choose OCC so that we can rest in the suite after the wedding even though its not a hotel!
Received our bridal suite keys and ready to check in! We will be staying here for 3d2n!
Tadah! This was the living room. 

The bedroom area, comfortable enough

Our view from the bridal suite
The entrance, love the full length mirror that was much needed after putting on my gown.
When the MUA started doing olm's makeup.
Later on, i went to check out the wedding helper room! They upgrade for me a family room for the sisters!

Bathroom area
Standing shower
Initially the guys rested at level 1, and the girls was at the suite, but later on as the girls was getting prepared so they went to the helper room while the guys nua at the bridal suite. I wish i had remembered to prepare food for them. Feel bad that they was hungry by evening and the dinner only starts much later.
Till then, this was the end of the morning ceremony where everyone get some time to rest before the wedding banquet dinner starts in the evening. By the time i was done, it was already 4plus and i was in horror as the hairdo and makeup was too difficult to remove. I look like panda bear while trying to wash my hair & getting my bare face back.

Next post will be our ROM + wedding reception + banquet dinner!