Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wedding Preparation : Errands to complete on eve of Wedding Day

Photo taken on the eve of our wedding day, when i had settled in my bed preparing to rest for the big day. I was too exhausted after running around the whole day that it didn't take me too long to fall asleep. Finally after a year of preparation for the wedding. The planning process was fun though exasperating at times when i couldn't see eye-to-eye with Jeremy on certain issues. More endless heated arguments as the wedding date approach nearer, I guess it would be a more meaningful wedding planning if the overall planning involves two of us instead of me planning and trying to coordinate most of it myself. There are some pros and cons but when one person is heavily involved in the whole planning, it kinda defeat the purpose of having a wedding to celebrate our joy, i will only be filled with anger and resentment. (Excluding the part when i look good in my hairdo/makeup/gown).

I guess it's a good thing that i am still capable enough to make decision. Nearing our wedding day, our first video was not ready yet, i was busy with other stuffs so it took me really the last few days to complete my 1st video for the wedding dinner. Initially I wanted to do a childhood montage, but then as i went on to work on it, i find that childhood montage is too norm, and common mistakes newly wed do was to create a childhood montage that is too lengthy probably because they get too enthusiastic with their cute baby photos but they forgot that guests do lose their focus after awhile because there is nothing interesting besides just showing photos after photos in a video. This is only applicable if you want to save some cost by DIY your own childhood montage, there are many ways to produce a video, some would show their proposal video (provided if the guy has make the effort to plan a beautiful done up proposal) Or, some newlywed choose to play their behind the scenes photo shoot process as their 1st video before march in, some other creative ways could be filming the process when the newly wed learn a new thing together, for eg : taking up a dancing class together for the first time just to perform in front of their guests after the video is played and their 1st march in. But this takes lot of time, effort and commitment for a couple which could be meaningful because it symbolise a couple entering a new phase of their life stage, it's both effort to maintain the marriage just like it takes both to make the performance work. 

The list goes on and on, i can get very creative and wild with my ideas but i know this doesn't work on our case. I am willing to try if the groom is enthusiastic enough. But too bad it didn't happen.
I didn't use childhood montage as our 1st video eventually, but i could flash some baby photos of us in this post! 
Little Jeremy.
 One look and you will know he is super naughty when he was a kid. Haha
 My gong face.

That's me at the zoo! Haha

I went to google for some simple, easy to use video editor tool, hoping to find something that would be suitable for our first video before the 1st march in. And i found this, Youvivid! Link here. It cost me less than $50 to purchase the video after editing so that the watermarks can be removed. I manage to complete it days before my wedding like 2-3am in the middle of the night? Haha
This is the video for anyone who didn't manage to attend my wedding, i added those texts and contents + photos and choosing the right song for it. Effort put in for this video.

There were some other outstanding stuffs to do such as confirming the actual day & evening banquet dinner schedule. I think i am already quite amazing to do the entire wedding without a wedding planner, without having the chance to meet up with the brothers to brief them on what to do when it was supposed to be Jeremy's job to do so. He took damm long to get back to me his brother's contact number when i had been asking him to  give me, so the meeting up session before our wedding between our brothers and sisters did not happen at all.

If you compare a team vs a single person. A team functions better compared to a person doing most of the work.Thus despite having some screw up on the actual day wedding, i think i still did a pretty good job. Miscommunication and poor planning on groom side that screwed up our wedding, though I admit i do overlook some of the stuffs to do because i was too busy but during the last few days, i realised i was beginning to care less. sometimes when there are more people helping out, they might point out to your things you might have missed out and you can look through again and do further check before the damage, but unfortunately i don't have the luxury to sit back and think through all my preparations. Time flies super fast in the last few days of the wedding!

I think anyone who read this will be astonished the first time i met Jeremy's brothers was on my actual wedding day, even though he told me he has brief them separately before the actual day, however, i like to emphasise to all groom-to-be, bride-to-be, it is very important to communicate in one meeting where the sisters & brothers are all present (though it might be challenging if they have conflicting schedules) Because what the groom brief to the brothers might not be what the bride brief to the sisters as well. This mistake happen to us because everyone was being a brother/sisters for the first time. They was not very sure with the process and partly also even if you have communication, you need to reiterate many times to ensure the info has been conveyed through to avoid miscommunication. 

So it was quite nerve-wrecking for us, early morning we went to collect our ROM certificate, it took about half an hour for us to finish the process with the pledge taking at the ROM venue. 

Next i decided to get some fresh flowers for my hairdo the next day, even though Jeremy sister told me that she could get for me, but i still feel more assured when i get it myself when the item i needed is directly associated with me, so it was an impromptu decision but we manage to go FarEastFlora wholesale flowers @ upper thomson road as i did some quick research on my phone and found the place to check out any fresh roses they are selling!
Pretty roses that i didn't know which one i should buy!

Colored baby breaths!

This was the one that was very close to my invitation card roses color!

Even though i am not using all the roses on my hairdo, i couldn't decide which one is better, so i purchased all this 4 bundle since they are not too expensive for my MUA to choose which is suitable to use for morning and dinner on my wedding day.
Had to keep these roses in my room with the aircon so that they can last till tomorrow!
Rested awhile before i had to start tidying up my room for the last time, changing out the curtains, my bed sheets to new ones, moving all the unsightly furniture temporarily to other rooms such that the room looks spacious and neater for photo-taking. Keke. Cannot stand unsightly furniture especially when the place will be used for photo-taking.

Beside that, i change my room light bulb as well for the lighting for the actual day, showing my actual day photographer the furniture layout beforehand to ensure everything looks good! After that, Jeremy came to pick me before we had to head back to our bridal studio to collect our gowns and to meet up with the driver that we engage through our decor vendor, im-perfections that was going to be our chauffeur on actual day to decorate the car.

A day before, Jeremy had move our 3 big A0 poster, 2 big album, 1 table top frame, 1 small album to our banquet venue office first as we had our preparations to do. Beside that we also arrange to have a site recee with our decor vendor to explain to him how we would like to arrange all our decoration for the evening reception area. 

Our cute duffy after her grooming, we went to pick her and limei at the salon before going the bridal studio! She had to look good for our wedding too!
That's my sister in the background as we thought it would be quite fast, but it took quite long so i get Jeremy to drop her at the nearest MRT station for her to rush with other errands first.

Most of the time was wasted at the bridal studio because we had to do one last fitting of the gowns before we collected, and my gown was loose again, for the KUA especially, even though they have already altered twice, but it was still quite loose but i thought it would be too troublesome to alter again, since i still look ok without looking too oversized, so i didn't request them to alter again. But the girls tried to fix my dad's suit because they was worried it might not fit as the sizing has been altered for others before and it took quite some time to rectify it. We met with our driver at the bridal studio as he drove the car for the bridal decorations. We hit it off quite well and he was giving us ideas where we can go to take photos on our wedding day after the tea ceremony and that he don't mind bringing us around.

Our bridal car that we booked as a package under our decor vendor, im-perfections.

This was my wedding floral bouquet! It was so beautiful when i first saw it, each and every single roses was so fresh and pretty! I thought my floral bouquet was the nicest out of the other bouquets that belong to our newly couples that had not collected theirs yet. hehe
No filter used, and so pretty that i had to take a few more photos of it!
By the time we finally collected our gowns/suits and Jeremy sending me back home, it was already 9plus, Jieying came to my house, Kangrui came later and PC was due to reach my house in the morning after her morning flight from her training. With the help of my sisters and my aunt, they went on to do some other errands while Ken help me with all this pink decor around my corridor, Jieying help me out by setting up the fairylight outside my room.

It might not look so nice because it is dark already, but i swear it was beautiful during the daytime, after this photo was taken, i thought it would be good if i had laid some pink carpet to complete the look. But too late for me to get any pink carpet. Haha.

Anyway do look out for my next post as i will try to provide all the necessary details for bride-to-be to take note while planning for your own big day!
Till then.

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