Sunday, February 12, 2017

Wedding Planning: Our Guo Da Li Ceremony 过大礼仪式, Wedding cakes & Bed Setting

Hello readers! This post is on our Guo Da Li day! This was my dowry.

For Jeremy, he has to deliver this teochew basket with the essential items to my house during the guo da li date (similar like its an engagement day which usually occurred a week before the actual wedding date). We went to collect together and the staff will explain to us the stuffs that we have to do and procedures for bed-setting.
I ordered our wedding cakes from sweetestmoments meant to distribute to my relatives after doing some research as their packaging looks nicer, price wise, not cheap but not too expensive either compared to other existing wedding cakes providers. If you ordered more than 10 or 20 boxes, they can print out your wedding photo in namecard size according to your preference and slot the card in each box as shown below making it look exclusive for your guests! I think anyone who received it will be impressed because my judgement cannot go wrong! I don't like the traditional wedding cakes so the variety selection they provide suit my needs too.
This is the website url if you are interested to check out their cakes! 

Kaypoh Duffy again.

After Jeremy has delivered the stuffs to my house, it was time for me to bring back my dowry package and return mostly half what the groom side has delivered according to the customs. We started out late,fortunately my parents help me to delivered the wedding cakes to my relatives because by the time we went back his house, driving from woodlands back to tampines, doing one last cleaning before we do our bed setting took us few hours already.
This was the completed look after we finally completed our bed setting!

After that, we went to delivered the remaining cakes to my other uncles who stay in the East before returning back home. There goes exactly one week more to our actual wedding day!

Till then.

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