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Wedding Planning : Registry of Marriage, Trial Hairdo & Makeup, Manicure, Issue with live band for wedding

Hello readers! Beside planning for the actual day, if you are doing your solemnization ceremony on the same day and not at the ROM venue itself, you will need to find a solemniser to be at the wedding venue. But before that, you will need to file notice of your marriage first. To do so, you can visit the ROM website url below,
The website will provide info that you need to know and if you do not have any preferred solemniser, you can select from their list provided.

Just make sure that the date to file can only be at least 3 month before the actual wedding date. For this task, Jeremy was the one to check how to file the notice of marriage and finding the solemniser. The one and only task. 

After he has file the notice of marriage, make a payment of $26 , he went on to contact the solemniser before arranging to meet at his house. But i guess he didn't really check properly because when we turned up at the solemniser house, he was asking for a form and both of us was equally confused because i assume Jeremy should have prepared all the necessary documents before heading down. But he didn't. tsk.

That is the solemniser consent form. Luckily, the solemniser has a printer and he kindly help us to print out before we fill in all our particulars and after his verification, sign on the form and we can bring down this form when we was due to go down to ROM a day before the actual wedding date.

Based from our experience, our solemniser told us his requests during the meeting, such as he will need someone to pick him to the venue before sending him back home after that. *Do take note that not all solemniser will expect you to make this special arrangement, some will have their own transport and you will only need to inform them the venue and timing and ensure someone attends to him when he arrived at the venue. But well, i got to respect Jeremy's choice since he was the one who google and pick him out of the list.

Usually there is no fee required to engage a solemniser but a token of appreciation is the norm after the ceremony.

If you are wondering the market rate angbao to give, there is actually no market rate, and its up to individual to decide the amount, but for us, this solemniser that Jeremy found do have a minimum rate of $150 but Jeremy is feeling rich so he gave him $188 instead. 

So one day before our wedding date, we went back to ROM according to appointment timing, the staff will do all the necessary verification at the counter with us and we had to say some pledge in front of a staff and the staff will verify our identity again as she kept looking at us while comparing with our IC. After that, we will have to bring the documents back and to present it at the solemnization venue for the ceremony.

Usually, this part (solemnization ceremony) may be valued as the most important aspect of a wedding, where the newlywed will give some speech, some touching moment, sobbing etc, but to me. This was the least interesting and importance part to me. It will takes about 15min if you don't get a naggy one. For us, i was trying to hold my laughter during the ceremony because the soleminiser talks very slow and times i can't get his cue when i thought he already finish talking but he continued again and i had to sit patiently while waiting for him to finish.

As i wrote previously in my other posts that my makeup artist decided to pull a fast one on me by telling me just 1 week plus before the actual wedding day that she can't do my makeup on actual day and asking if i am ok if she give me a replacement, But i was not happy until they could give me a free trial makeup and hairdo so that i could trust this new replacement makeup artist on my actual wedding day, so in the last week before my wedding, i was very busy running around and one of the days involving heading down to the studio after they promise to give me a free trial makeup for this new replacement makeup artist. But eventually i did paid extra to do a trial hairdo for me because i was more particular on hairdo. (Which was a wise decision because everyone kept complimenting me on my wedding day!)
This was the trial makeup, though i told her i don't really like this lipstick color and to change the lipstick color on the actual day. I was satisfied with the makeup, and we move on to doing the different kind of hairdo!
 I requested more on plaits this time round after doing prior research again for the hairdo.

 She added some accessories for me to visualise the look

This was suppose to be one of my actual day morning hairdo but with some modification after i use fresh roses on the actual day.

Another kind of loose plaited hairdo, she put the accessories for me to roughly visualise because after we have make the appointment which i told the original MUA that i will contact this replacement MUA but i didn't because i was pretty mad for landing me in such situation and even though its not this replacement MUA fault, but before the meeting, i had no wish to contact anyone of them.

But after meeting with this new makeup artist, Minnie, i prefer her over the original one and i guess maybe its a good choice afterall for this last minute change of MUA. We had more topics to chat and i told her i want to cover my arms just when i was thinking my hair is too short, she took out her wig and help me to extend my hair length. Tadah! Me with the extension wig. She told me she will do plaits at the side and if i had roses, it will be very nice on the actual day.Ideas! Which will never happen if you don't get a trial hairdo.
This was roughly how it look like if there are accessories on it. i was satisfied with this hairdo and thus choose it for my 2nd march in hairdo as previously i had requested for MUA to stay and change hairdo for me for my 2nd march in. I can still put it aside whenever i like so i can have two different kind of hairdo during photo-taking.

That's Jieying at the back as she took leave so that both of us could get our hair dye done in the morning before coming down to the studio for the trial hairdo and makeup.
This was another hairdo!
After we was done with the trial makeup and hairdo, the makeup artist is very thoughful to do a simple hairdo for me with plaits before i go back so that i don't look too messy with all the curls and already plaited hairs.

But i think she also had her fun of trying out the different hairdo for me since its rare that bride-to-be will request for trial hairdo that she try out more than the usual min number of hairdo on me, 
It will never go wrong when you have a trial hairdo because you will know what is needed to complement the entire hairdo, which i only realised too that i need to find fresh roses after my trial hairdo for the actual day to complement the overall look

Usually, after the trial hairdo and makeup, one do not simply go back home wash it off. 
The online blogshop, thestagewalk is located at the same industrial building so we went to check out their clothes before having our late lunch.

 When you had a nice makeup, it's really easy to capture good angles while taking a selfie.

 Flawless. i couldn't stop complimenting Jieying after her hair dye because she look refreshed with her hair dye with color!

The next day, we went to JB to do manicure as well! Usually i think many bride-to-be should be very stressed as the dates is getting nearer but i was rather chill while ensuring that i had time to prepare myself to look at my best!
I am not a fan of doing my nails, but since its my big day, we went to KSL and sit for 4 hours as the staff was patiently decorating my nails while i was getting restless.

Everything was almost finalised except for the wedding photo slideshow and going through the actual day morning and evening schedule with Jeremy. But the entire wedding planning was not a smooth sailing one even though we had 1 year to prepare. Shit happens.

Beside the makeup-artist issue, i had issue with my live band singer that i booked under Ivan &; Levine 2 months before our wedding when i booked her at least 1 year in advance, after listening to all the different covers by the different singers they had on their website and i decided to choose this singer, Boon Hui Lu.
Coincidentally, Jieying mentioned to her bf this singer that i engaged when it turns out that her bf knows and has worked with her before and warned me against choosing her because he told me she loves freedom and hate to be restricted so Terence company that he was working under had a hard time managing her.
Initially, i didn't want to judge her yet because everything looks ok from the day we booked her to perform on our wedding until there was an article featured that she has signed on to HIM International Music label as S.H.E labelmate in dec last year which means she has become popular and i was worried she might not be able to perform so i went to check with the coordinator to ensure that she could perform on our wedding day.

My intuition was right, initially the coordinator, Ivan told me it shouldn't be an issue if i had already booked her, he gave me a shock when i thought he didn't book for me until i went back to see the contract and her name was stated inside.

But, later on, he told me that she cannot perform as she is busy with her other commitment. To me, it was simply unprofessional of her to back out of this performance when it was already agreed upon. Ivan was apologetic about it and told us he could return us the deposit if we decided not to engage them. But that's not the point, i have already decided to engage the live band for my wedding, but with the singer backing out just because she got famous, turns out Terence is right afterall. She is someone that just couldn't be trusted. By the way, Ivan (the owner of Ivan & Levine) is actually friends with her which makes it even difficult for him to say her as a friend and had to clear the mess for her when there are other couples that is also engaging her for performance in Feb and being unhappy because she pulled out suddenly.

I thought this should be known to anyone who are looking to engage her for her singing,
in case if she do have other platforms for her to earn some quick cash, just beware if you are looking to engage her. Her credibility, i highly doubt no mattar how well she can sing. 
Of cos, i also believe she is not the only one that can sing well, so i didn't spend too long complaining while trying to find another alternative replacement singer.

This was not easy as i spend days after days listening to all the singers available in their website, eventually after listening through most of the covers, i decided to heed his advice to select the singer that Ivan has recommend, which was pretty good! Her name is Felicia Kusumo, you can youtube her name as she did some covers and i can guarantee she sing way better in live than the covers. My guests was very impressed with the live band performance during the wedding and i heard some of our guests went to get from them their contacts directly as Ivan texted me after the wedding and told me my guests are very efficient in contacting them to get the quotations from him after Felicia's performance. 

Till then.

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