Tuesday, January 20, 2015

BF changed car! Honda Jazz to volkswagen Golf aka Mr Speedy

Hello readers, so bf recently changed his existing car to another one! He finally obtained his driving license after i encourage him to do so, since i gotten mine since i was 19. But i just thought it would be good for a guy to have a driving license, even though it doesn't means you have to have a car to get a license. After he got his license, he wanted to get a car, his reason being that he had to run around places due to his work and since he has a licence now, by having a car might make his travelling much convenient now.
Even though public transport is considered quite safe and convenient than driving around, but there is still this perk if he has a car that we can go anywhere as long as the car can bring us! So we went to check out some cars, and he saw this honda jazz, initially we thought it was a good deal, checked with bf to see if he like it after he went for test drive and he told me everything is ok so i thought he like the car, but actually he doesn't really like but i think he was trying not to offend my dad because we went together and my dad was saying that it is worth the deal so he eventually bought that car, but i guess mainly because i love hatchback cars so when he buy a car, he would think of me as well since i would be using it occasionally if he doesn't need to. But it was not long before the car has some issue, when i was driving it one of the days, i realised that the steering wheel was vibrating very hard so we send to the car garage to check the cause before we know that the engine mounting was the cause of the steering wheel vibration. When bf signed the purchase agreement, he didn't check properly the agreement and we felt cheated because the car dealer was giving us inaccurate information when the car is only left with 2 month before the COE expire instead of the initial 4 month as what they claimed. 

So moral of the story : always check through your purchase agreement to ensure the information provided is accurate before endorsing it, because there is nothing you can do once your signature is on the document. You can say whatever you want but that is not going to change the fact when you sign on the dot, you have acknowledge the info are all correct. So we get to use this car for this short span of time before it was time for us to source for the next new car!

i think this car will be exported because it is actually in good condition except the problem of the engine which can be easily fixed by any car dealer. The honda jazz! We brought duffy out as well.

In Singapore, to own a car, you will need to purchase the Certificate of Entitlement(COE) that give you the right to drive on Singapore roads beside paying for the road tax. The COE will last for 10 years before you can decide to renew either additional 5 years or 10 years. But the paper value that you can get back from the car if you decided to renew the COE will be gone though. The road tax will increase every year after you have renew the COE of the car and it could get very expensive so many might still decide to renew the COE and pay the extra road tax as it might still be cheaper to purchasing a new car.

I was doing my freelance delivery job at the same time using his honda jazz and it get real tired whenever i need to turn the steering wheel because it was so heavy. So it was not too long that we started scrolling the sgcarmarts website again to see any cars that we might like, so he found this car that he was interested and was asking me for opinion so i went to checked it out and the first description was 'Excellent Fuel Consumption'! Which i told him this car is a fatty (ah bui) because it is going to consume lots of fuel! Haha, this got him laughing nonstop and he was trying to explain to me the actual meaning that it mean good performance for that car, it was volkswagen golf 1.6, i could see that he really like that car but he was on duty that time and he was asking me to go down to test drive and see if i like it, so i went down with my parents to check out the car and dad was test driving it and he was impressed too. So we was negotiating on the price and i went to test drive it this time myself and i like this car too, everything was ok on the appearance except the interior of the car was quite dirty and smelly which the car dealer will get it clean before handing the car to us, even though the car has some issue on their engine mounting but they promised to fix it for us too. I love how fast this car could go!

This was when we was doing a farewell with Honda Jazz and we brought Duffy out as well to the waterfront park.

Active little girl wants to play with others that she saw at the park!

 Just look at her! Super cute as i was calling her to let me take a photo of her and she was in a good mood i guess by being cooperative! 

Super cute that you won't know if she is a dog or a rabbit because of her rabbit costume. Haha

I shall end this post for now! gonna give Mr Speedy a wash for now! 
ps: Mr Speedy is the name for the volkswagen golf that we have collected from the car dealer! Till then!