Sunday, January 18, 2015

Victoria Theatre/ Meetup with Jeant, Minqi, JJ, JY

Hello readers! It me and jeant exploring the victoria theatre!
we went around exploring while taking photos,
the most funniest part is to take self timer photo where we have to fix it, set it and run back to the position!

 our ootd. HAHA was lazy to dress up so the casual wear on that day.
we spotted christmas tree in the building, 

and us posing with the xmas tree!

 was a epic post as jeant say' let's pretend we are decorating our house' caption.
and so here the 'pretend' pose. haha

so after the photo taking session that we had! we went back to clarke quay for our dinner!
it was some korean food and the chit chatting session goes on non stop until about 9plus as i had to rush off to meet bf for a late night movie! HAHA, did i mentioned that le bf has a car now? haha.
so i have been travelling less on public transportation as i get to use the car if i want!
he changed his car recently, which i will blog in my other post, if i got the time haha.

meetup with the JJs peeps plus Minqi who has been wanting to meetup but we always have clashing schedules until we finally managed to meet her for dinner!
before that, we had dinner at monster curry in nex
has been going out more frequently with the JJs peeps, and so they are the first few friends that has sit before my bf old car! HAHA.
the new car is much more spacious! hehe.
after the dinner, we decided to have desserts at δΈ€η’—η”œε“ which is in serangoon gardens,
having a car is so convenient that you can travel anywhere more faster and better!
HAHA. we was lucky to get a lot when we reached and even a big sofa seat when we went up to the shop!
i am in love with their top famous durian dessert!
recently when i went to serangoon gardens i even went to da bao it home! HAHA
we was taking photos while waiting for our desserts!
the selfie stick is quite useful, i am still thinking whether i should get one since the coming cny should means most photos will be taken!

after that we was so obsessed with the fun run 2 game, was competing with each other to slash each other up! HAHA
its a very fun game app but i think only if you compete with your friends!
during the new year eve, we meetup again but with JY,JJ and elliott, no photos taken because i ended work at 11pm before meeting them!
meeting elliott because he just had a breakup last year and don't want him to feel lonely on a new year eve so i asked him to join us! it was a brand new year with good friends! HAHA
i bought so many tidbits, snacks, because i thought we wanted to go prawning and while waiting for the prawns, we could snack, but it was kinda of crowded with so many people when we went to punggol! and no one touch the snacks. HAHA
we wanted to change plans but it was like 2am in the morning and seriously there isn't nothing much we can do, in the end we decided to have supper at bedok 85!
hahaha, free of charge seats with food still available, in fact we chat until it was like 4plus in the morning and reach home about 5plus for me after bf send JJ and JY and Elliott home.
when the stalls were all closed, we was still there!
not bad i guess, a new year, we had alot of energy to chat!
 and i am hosting a graduation party in apr! when i officially ended my exams on the 9th!
HAHA, its a private event this time, not inviting friends that i am not even keeping contact with or friends that i don't wish to keep contact.
only inviting a small group of friends because i seriously find it stupid now to host a big party and getting myself so tired after all the entertaining.
 venue will be at the seaview resort! i am so excited when bf was telling me he got it! HAHAHA! can't wait!

ok, sharing with you some cute moments of my duffy!
i was busy doing my stuffs the other day, and she keep barking at me for no reason, 
i thought she was hungry so tried to feed her, but sometimes she just try to be cuddly!
i was sitting at my computer chair and she stand up! keep barking!
and tried to bite my computer chair!
i was laughing because i think she wanted me to carry her!
like a baby!
when i turned to face her she was trying hard to jump up to my leg but fail! its so funny and cute!

and so when i put her on my lap, she doesn't stop there!
instead she started to go up to my table, and
i didn't put her on the table, or make her pose like this but she did it all herself!
i think her purpose is to stop me doing my work and focus on her!

 she is so cute that i had to just take a photo of it!
somemore sit so nice on the table! HAHA its never easy to take photo of her especially depends on her mood!
damm cute! recently i just brought her to the park too and she is just omg damm cute! HAHA
will upload soon the rest of the photos for you guys to see!
meanwhile till then! ;)