Friday, January 16, 2015

Selfiebox with MTLW throwback, Xmas shoot

Hello readers!
So i found this new place that i saw one day on my facebook suggested post, and the place was called the selfiebox! Basically this is a studio where you just need to rent the room by hourly rates, gather your friends down just for your own photoshoot, the way you want it! It comes with all the camera, lighting, remote control so all you need to do is to choose the props available and start clicking the remote control away to take your photos! All photos taken are unlimited shots and it will be collate into a CD of all the photos that you have took in their studio and you can choose to delete those photos when you back and transfer in your desktop.

you can visit for more details. The nearest MRT station is Chinatown, and it's walking distance to their studio. Michelle and i booked the room for an hour and start our mini photoshoot!

 Beside props, they have costume too, so i drag Michelle to wear the costumer too!
I was a crocodile and i think she was a crocodile!

I love the lighting when we take these photos!

 We have known each other for more than 5 years since poly and we have been snapping away since then and i think we are very professional by now.
It was nice to do a photoshoot in the studio this time round! Haha

 I like this photo because both of us are acting silly at the same time. 

 Couldn't comb my hair properly before i start taking more photos again!

Nearing the end of the photoshoot, we decided to throw all the balls everywhere on the floor, this was supposed to be a christmas photoshoot but my post was delayed.
We went to had our dinner at Nex and we choose Monster Curry!
It was the first time i tried it and it was nice!
I was very happy when Michelle could take a photo of me that i don't look so fat anymore because this time it's real that i have really lose some weight now. 
I was so thankful that i managed to post some photos on facebook first because few days later, my phone crashed! So i lost most of the photos in my phone because i didn't do any regular backup, and it was after i changed my S4 phone casing to a chanel casing so i thought that casing bring me bad luck so i sold it away after that. One fine day when i just couldn't get the phone started and i was talking to one of my buyer when the phone suddenly black out. It was such a pity that i lost most of my photos, i did send it for repair which cost me $90 before selling it away and change to a new phone.

After this incident, i have realised the importance of doing regular backup so i brought a hard drive and imported most of my photos inside and uploaded on my facebook account as well.

This was one of the rare shots when i didn't do anything or filter the photo but it appeared in this way after we took a photo.
Fortunately i didn't lose all these photos.

We spend the rest of our night dining at Monster Curry, chit chatting non stop until the shop was due for closing, i love how we would always have endless topics to talk or catch up with and it only happen to people that i am comfortable with, usually my close friends.
Michelle was being cute when she told me that she shall pay for this bill and the most touching sentence was 'you are still studying, i am working now, i just got my bonus too so i shall treat you!'

The most touching (感动) moment was not because i don't have to pay anything, but when you know that your BFF is not earning as much as she used to and since i just went back to study, you are willing to foot the bill when we can always go on dutch, its the thought that counts.

To many more years of our friendship! Yay!

Till then.