Thursday, January 29, 2015

Boyfriend Birthday Celebration at Blisshouse restaurant

Hello readers! So this post will be on celebration for bf birthday at this restaurant called Blisshouse! Waited for him to end work on his birthday before picking me up for a simple birthday celebration for him.

Blisshouse restaurant is located in central mall in clarke quay which is very convenient even if you don't drive. We ordered our food and it's so funny when bf food was being served to him as the serving is too little for him. I ordered soft shell crab pasta so he help me to finish that as he was not that full after having his salmon. 

The interior design of the restaurant,  it happen there was a live band performance when we went there, so the dining atmosphere were pretty good. We ordered dessert after our meal too!

After our dinner, we went to playnation again. So we went to our favourite outlet at prinsep street, i was trying my luck because prior reservations is required and we were lucky there were available slots so we spend our night hanging out at Playnation instead. So that's pretty much a simple birthday celebration for le bf.
Till then!