Thursday, January 1, 2015

Playnation Free Games Day!

Hello readers!
Last month, i was browsing on my facebook page that Playnation is having a free games day and all you need to do is just to register!
i know it depends on luck whether you get since there should be alot of people who had heard about Playnation would actually sign up for it!
its actually a 2hr free gaming session and when you register, it allows you to choose if you want board games or consoles games.
this place was first discovered by JunJie when we can't think of doing anything whenever we are going to meetup, and ever since then, we have been going to Playnation for more than 5 times i guess?
because i love to hang out at this place too, and i think their package rate is at a very affordable rate!
you can visit for more details!
but i think they have increase their price for the console games, because i remember i used to get it for $8.50! from 2 to 6pm and free flow of drinks somemore!
but now its about $10 but still if you are looking for an activity that is less than $20! this is the place to go for!

i remember i received an email from them after the registration has closed that i get to bring my friends to go down to their prinsep outlet for the free games day!
and i asked Jieying, Junjie along with boyfriend too!
haha i remember it was a sunday so jeremy came to pick me up and we went to pick Jieying up before meeting JJ at the playnation!
was damm lucky that we managed to find a carpark lot near the outlet so we don't have to walk too far!
Playnation was celebrating their 5 years anniversary thus the free games day, so the place was decorated nicely, with balloons, props for their guests to take photos!

 There was free flow of drinks and popcorns!
each popcorn box comes with their sponsors vouchers!
was feeling lucky that we get to be there for their free games day!

 anyway, as they are moving their current outlet to the new outlet that is just nearby too, so probably will visit the new outlet soon after they have moved over!
on another separate day, i packed some mini sweet treats to distribute to my friends before christmas day!
sharing some photos here!
  as i am not good in baking so i couldn't bake cookies like xueqi do so i can only buy and pack! haha
HAHA her cookies are awesome! though sinful!
i eat it right when i received her xmas gift from her in the class. HAHAHAHA
anyway shall end this post!
till then.