Friday, November 11, 2016

Bangkok Day 2 Pratunam Market, Siam Square street & Mall, MBK, Siam Paragon

Hello readers! It was our day 2 in Bangkok!
Our itinerary was Morning Pratunam Market - Siam Square, MBK mall, Siam Paragon.
We slept early because we were super tired due to our early flight and we have agreed to wake up as early as 4.30am to shop as it was known that if you go early, the price usually tend to be cheaper which is true! Becaues when we went around noon to pratunam market on a monday, everything starts from 150 baht and there is no wholesale price.
But, we were so tired that my alarm clock did rang but i let it snooze until 4.30am before i finally get up from my bed, and we left our room as early as 5.30am! Initially we told JJ that he could sleep in if he want because it seems there are more ladies stuff compare to guys but he don't mind joining us. 

It seems that everyone tend to get up super early in BKK as we walked out of the hotels, there were many stalls preparing to set up/already set up.
Our first packet of jackfruit in the morning as we make our way to pratunam market , there were many people bringing their trolley, (the handcarry type of luggage) and it was very crowded. We went during the mourning period so there were lots of black clothes for sale, but its not true that you can't find any other color clothing except black because we bought quite a decent amount of clothes which is not black.

I didn't take any photos while we was at pratunam market as we was busy shopping and giving way to others in the market most of the times. But i think you can shop for few consecutive morning if you decide to stay nearby pratunam area. We went there almost every morning from friday to sunday. If you went early to shop, the weather won't be too hot as it was quite cooling during our morning shopping.

The clothes, shirts and shorts could go as low as $4 per piece! What we do when we was unsure whether we could fit in, is to ask the seller, some good seller will tell you that you can try to wear and see if you could fit. But we also encountered one seller getting frustrated when we try to take our measuring tape and measure the shorts waist area and that was because when we asked the seller to show us the two different L or XL size, they doesn't seem keen to entertain us.

Both JY and I had the strong urge to just put down the shorts and left, but considering we had spend sometime using the measuring tape, comparing etc, we still choose to be nice eventually and bought from them. But i guess if we encounter similar experience again, i will choose to walk off because i think there are plenty of stalls around and we don't have to 受气when they was being rude to us. But so far, we only had this bad experience from one seller, other sellers are generally kind and nice. Will show you guys my loots in other posts!

We went to Shibuya 19 as well since we will pass by the Glow hotel to Pratunam market and shibuya is located on the same building as Glow, but shibuya 19 has nothing much, all their clothes are more expensive so i don't really recommend anyone shop there. Just head to pratunam market if you are staying around pratunam area will do.

So after shopping in the morning at Pratunam, we went back to the hotel after buying our breakfast before we get prepared to head to Siam Square! We try to figure out the ticket machine to buy the token but apparently you need to keep coins when you want to buy the ticket through the machine, we used up most of the coins so we went to their ticket office to purchase this instead. Reminds me back when Singapore had this kind of card for public transport when you take the bus or train! Haha
We took the BTS station, Ratchathewi before alighting at Siam which was actually one stop away. Initially when i research, i was worried we may not find the station, i even printed out the station map, but it turns out to be quite easy! We went to find the Hello Kitty Cafe that was located in Siam Square, only there for some photo-taking because i think the Hello Kitty cafe do not provide main courses so we did not went inside the cafe but just outside for some photo-taking.

 Jieying posing with the hello kitty.
Junjie's turn

We went inside the mall and i saw kungfu panda!!
 I get so excited whenever i see kungfu panda and those little panda was so cute when i told JY i want to shake the little panda hand while posing for a photo.

 This was taken while we was deciding what to had for our lunch~

Eventually, we decided to settle our lunch at MK restaurant, i have not try this before in Singapore because everyone was saying how cheap it was to eat at BKK, so here we are. 
 Can't remember if we did order more because i was so full as they finished the rest of the food. I love to order more but i couldn't finish it so they had to be the one clearing the food.

We wanted to find the Bonca Cookie ice-cream that JY wanted to try as she saw someone share the article before in facebook that i had included for today's itinerary.

 We went out of the mall and there were some stalls selling different kind of stuff like accessories, phone casing etc,we was just browsing through it when we came to this stall and saw the Bonca Cookie Ice-cream!
The different cute macaroon with ice-cream that you can choose.
I choose the one eye monster , JY choose the minion and JJ choose that pale boy (I can't remember what that cartoon character is called) Haha, but i think we should not be too greedy because i can't finish mine..
I choose chocolate flavour, my one and only love!
JY minion ice-cream, she was saying like its so cute she can't bear to eat it. Hahaha and i offered to let me bite one piece of this minion so she will start eating and she goes NOOOO...!

Happygirl92 with her minion ice-cream!

After that, we went to MBK mall, and that was when we realised we got cheated to buy the popular snacks, durian king at Big C, because it cost cheaper to buy in MBK, we bought one and try and it was the same taste that we bought in Big C.

We went to Eve & Boy as it was mentioned that cosmetics are cheap, but i guess i still prefer to shop most of the cosmetics in Taiwan compared to Bangkok, there are probably some stuffs that are still cheaper such as the makeup sponge & nail polish etc.

Some loots that i bought at Eve & Boy. 
We wanted to find the trick eye museum that i remember researching that it was located at MBK, but we couldn't find it, and we had so much free time and was still feeling rich on our second day that we went to play arcade, challenge each other n basketball game and loser will treat the winner a drink.

Obviously, i am always the winner. Wahahahhaa. Then, we saw MBK has bowling and it was so cheap so we ended up playing 2 games, it was not even crowded even though we play in the late afternoon. I am not sure if BKK bowling is the same everywhere but this bowling place we went, as shown in the photo below, it was very spacious, there is even a call button which you can call for the staff to attend to you for any ordering of foods or drinks.

The drink that i won from playing with them the basketball arcade challenge. Hahaha.

I look kinda slim taking a group photo with them, so the next time i think i should stand in the middle so both of them will block my fat for me! Hahaha.
 BFF forever!

After our games, we went back to siam square for dinner.

We went to this restaurant which is all written in thai, but the food wasn't exactly to my liking. Maybe we have focus too much on shopping but overlook the food part.

We ordered this spicy soup which i thought it was going to be tom yum, but it's just very spicy soup but not tomyum! hurhur.

Only the fried rice is not so bad, they given us a big serving, but it was equally shared by JY & JJ because its all carbs!
We was so full that we wanted to try mango tango but didn't have a chance to.

We walked to siam paragon as we know that Pablo has opened a new outlet in Bangkok, originated from Japan, Osaka and wanted to try the tarts, however when we reached there, we were told that the small ones has sold out, they are left with only the giant tart, so we decided to queue up and bought it back to try, but i think the smaller one taste nicer than the giant one as JY & JJ went back to buy the small one as they wanted to buy the giant one to bring back for their family during our last night.

This was the giant tarts that we bought back to our hotel to try, looks nice but its very difficult to cut and eat, so i would recommend to buy the small one to try instead.
The biscuits that they are selling are good even though its pricey, i think i only bought 2 boxes, will definitely buy more back the next time i visit Bangkok again!

Till then.