Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bangkok Day 3 - Pratunam Market, Chatuchak weekend Market - Union Mall & Terminal 21 Mall

Hello readers! it was our 3rd day in Bangkok, it has become normal for us to get up early before the sun even rise, and our first stop will definitely be Pratunam market because the stuffs are really cheap! We never came out of Pratunam market empty handed!
Haha, this time round we bought some food before heading back to our hotel for our breakfast after the morning shopping.
The coffee is so good! Even though its not a must for me to have  coffee every morning,i don't really drink coffee often too but ever since JJ who is a coffee addict that need his coffee every morning let us try his coffee that he bought, we have been going back to this shop to buy this coffee. 
We had to finish the nua nua Pablo giant tarts, actually most of the time, i will stuff them with all the foods as i only want to try , it could be just one mouth and i let them finish up everything. Haha

This crepe is nice! Most of the times we would buy 1 to share etc. I had to watch my diet before my wedding! Haha

After our breakfast, we went to get prepared, JJ went to gym first after eating so much
This was us preparing to head out to Chatuchak weekend market after our breakfast

Prior to our visit to Chatuchak weekend market, everyone was telling us the market is very big and if you like for eg: this shirt, you better buy it because you won't be able to find it later if  you decided to change your mind. Well, i guess this is subjective because we was able to find back the same shop etc, the chatuchak weekend market is big however if you did some planning, strategising, its not hard to comb every single shop inside this market! To benefit those who does not know actually Chatuchak weekend market do issue out maps at certain entrance, but i have done some research before that and found this map online, do not feel stressed when you see this map even though it looks like almost a stadium size already.

There is a simplified version easier to understand. So during our flight, we were discussing and striking out the places we won't be interested to see to save time as i heard they mentioned you can't finish shopping there in just a day. (I do agree with this part, but by planning and making sure you don't waste time walking the wrong area will helps!)

For us, we are not interested in handicraft, furniture decor objects, books,antique, 2nd hand items, so we only focus on clothing & pet shop for me because i want to buy clothes for my Duffy.

Try to remember the landmarks around the market, we walk pass a few time the clock tower and was able to know exactly where we are. For us, JJ was the navigator so he will just guide us where to walk and we will follow. Usually they will also have signboard indicating u are at which section, so it makes it easier to know where are you exactly located at with a map.
It was also known that Chatuchak market is humid & hot, so i had prepared umbrella, portable fan in advance which really helps alot! When i first took out my umbrella, they didn't want to use but it was actually very useful because you feel less frustrated because of the heat compared to standing under the sun, so you will tend to shop longer, i guess! As Sammie told me she left the market after 30mins because it was too hot, we managed to stay there for 4hour the first day! The portable fan was our saviour, the only thing that i didn't take note was to bring my handcarry luggage. Our hand was aching after carrying lots of our loots. Everything is damm cheap! The cheapest item we bought was a $2 top!
My cute portable fan that i bought in Taobao, but it was not very durable, damaged after using it the whole day.
We tried the Mango Sticky rice too.
 This bag was selling at 150 baht each, which is about $6 only!

This t-shirt quality is quite good and it was selling at 150 baht each. Everything cost less than SGD $10. I am not sure if they have upgraded their shops but if you actually shop indoors, its air-conditioned and not hot at all! So we was able to shop comfortably without dreading the hot humid weather.

Pajamas were damm dirt cheap as well, like $6 for 1 set, So it doesn't take us too long to fill our hands with all the plastic bags full of clothes etc. My favourite phrase to them was 'just buy!' since it was so cheap! We had some snacks while shopping, apparently i was not that hungry during shopping. Haha
 Even though this is nice too, but i find it to be too sweet for my liking.

We had some pork sausage & meatballs and it was so good, my leg was aching so we was sitting under those shelter just in front the food stall, i was looking at the meatball and we bought one to try, it was good and i think we ordered a few more sticks before they stopped me spending our baht on Pork tendons and meatballs. Hahaha.
While resting, we decided to use the snow app for some photo-taking!

 As we was spending too much time on Chatuchak, we thought we could come back the next day and decided to visit the Union mall first which everyone was saying its another good place for shopping, but we was quite disappointed after we went there. Most of the clothes are over-priced, items cost way more than $10 above. Some of the items that we saw elsewhere cost cheaper than we saw in Union Mall, so i do not recommend anyone going to that mall even though its air-conditioned unless you don't mind spending more for the aircon and spacious space to shop as the shops had ample space for customers to walk around.

We didn't manage to buy anything because everything was expensive after we saw all the cheaper loots at chatuchak. The only thing we managed to buy was 2 cup of milk tea. Hahaha, this was nice, actually we are making use of the seat they have to rest our legs as our leg was aching after all the walking since morning.
Before we left Union mall, bought matcha ice-cream! This is nice!
Aftertat we went to Terminal 21 mall,

We had our dinner there, this mall is big but looks just like our Singapore normal shopping centre. After walking around the mall, we finally decided to eat yumsaap! Finally managed to eat my tom yum soup and phad thai!

Look at them siam-ing my camera when i wanted to take a photo of them with the food. Hahaha, left is Jieying, right is JJ. They forgot i could describe. HAHA

I heard that the toilets have different theme for different level in terminal 21, so we went to check it out and its true! Hahaha. This was nautical theme.

This theme was very funny, the staff uniform are different too!

We counted our baht and i think we have shop too much, we only changed $500 for 6d5n as JJ told us it should be enough, which i think it was enough for him only, i wanted to change $1k but they told me that is too much so we had SGD $200 for standby in case we really need to change, so we ended up changing our SGD $200 and borrowing from JJ,
Before returning back to the hotel, we went to check the rates and change some thai baht first.
The rate was about 1 sgd to 25 baht, but now it has dropped further.
Actually the public transport in Bkk is about the same as you took the MRT in Singapore. There were not much people when we was waiting for the train.

After i get the painter to draw one of Duffy on the tote bag, mummy audio note me to ask me to help her friends to buy too, so i think both JJ & I went back to platinum mall outside after JY returned back to the hotel to rest to buy again another 2 tote bag!

 Our loots for day 3! This was Junjie's

 His Captain America that was purchase inside one of the shop in pratunam market.
 This was Jieying's!

 And this was mine! We was super free at night, hahahaha.

Shall wrap up this post for now. Till then!