Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bangkok Day 4 Pratunam Market -Chatuchak Market - Rod Fai Night Market & Esplanade Mall

Our Bangkok Day 4 post, i was really amazed how this is the first time we visit Bangkok together and we actually took public transport throughout our entire trip. We didn't even hail for cab or tuktuk! But of cos our legs was breaking with all the walking, it was a fun experience even though i had aching arms & feet that i told them i am going to try out the massage that we saw previously in chatuchak market. We got prepared for our round 2 of chatuchak shopping and that's when JY told me she know how to do plaits so i get her to do plaits for me so that i won't feel so hot at the market later! Neat & Nice!

 Bringing my hand carry luggage out for Round 2 at Chatuchak market! Haha

My shoulders & feet were aching so much so i told them i want to go for massage, initially both of them were not interested as both of them find it ticklish, but in the end JY join me for the massage while JJ continue his shopping. I was waiting for my massage to start, it cost only like SGD $8 for head,shoulder & feet massage. It was damm cheap! That was my first time trying out their massage, it was not so bad as i was skeptical about massage and thought that it was going to be painful thus i didn't try any foot massage before, but i guess i will go back again to BKK to try other massage , since its so cheap compared to doing it in Singapore.
After our massage, i was surprised my shoulders & feet doesn't ache anymore!  Magic hands..! Haha
we went around and saw some really cute stuff for pets!
They have all these super cute bed, when i send this photo to my mum, she thought i was buying back for Duffy!
Anyway the pet clothes are damm cheap, it cost probably like 3 pc for $4.
So i bought a few set of clothes for Duffy again!

Coconut ice-cream, i only like to eat the coconut without the ice-cream. Haha
It was quieter on sunday compared to saturday which makes me wonder if their weekend are actually on friday & saturday. 
After the shopping, we went to have our late lunch at one of those food stalls in chatuchak, phad thai!
 Tom yum soup!
 Pineapple rice, the rice smell super good!
We left Chatuchak market earlier, around evening time as we make our way to Rod Fai Night Market There are actually two Rod Fai Night market which sammie told me but we went to the one that is more accessible by public transport.
The BTS station to alight was Thailand Cultural Centre, after that you can follow the directions to lead you to Rod Fai night market!
They were taking turns to pull the heavy luggage that we were sharing because we throw any stuffs that we bought in this luggage so that it is easier to get around.

When we reached there, we love this place! It's like a one stop place from food to shopping and even bars.
We was quite full after having a late lunch, so we bought one of this to share, i was forcing them to decide the flavour they want as i have make too much decisions for the whole trip already. I feel like i have become a dictator. Hahahaha.

We want to try all this food but we was too full..

 We bought this giant size coconut drink!

There were many other food stalls around, they have something like Mookata, seafood etc. But i didn't take much photos of it. It was our last two nights here and we felt we have been eating rubbish food for the past few days as the food here looks really good! So we are coming back the next time round to try all the foods here!
 Lots of plush toys for sale~

I thought this was quite cute! It is a coinbank, you can only break it to get your money out of this bank. I think JJ bought two back.

 The fake 'Onitsuka tiger' brand shoes. Haha
All these were selling for just 100 baht each! Which is like SGG$4 per pc!
 Their bars which is located inside the Rod Fai Market.

The atmosphere here was very good! Definitely will come back here again! We were tired after the walking, i saw this artificial grass patch area and told them i want to sit there to rest my feet, even though the massage relieve the aching, but another 4hour of walking again has caused soreness & aching of my feet again. Haha
Phototaking time! Hahaha

Totally enjoying this moment of sitting down and moving just my phone camera. Haha

We went to Esplanade mall aftertat, by the way, this mall is located just nearby this night market, so its good to plan this in your itinerary together! Heard that there is skating rink, escape room inside this mall, but we didn't have enough baht with us and thus didn't try those activities.. Hahaha.
Saw this cute Pomeranian turning crazy while playing with her toy.
After that, we went back to our hotel to put our stuff first, Mr Loanshark helping to carry down this luggage down the flight of stairs.
We decided to check out the night pratunam market after we put our stuffs in the hotel, JY was trying to find one particular food that she say must try, which i believe it was the banana choco crepe but we couldn't find it in pratunam market. I think we were super brave because we walk into some dark alley, unlike morning, the night pratunam market is almost deserted before you actually walk further inside. We pass by some hotels and the taxi uncle was standing beside his vehicle and asking us where we want to go, we told him pratunam market and he direct us to walk straight further ahead. We was skeptical but choose to trust him. Even though i told them to walk faster and just be alert, preparing to run if there is anything amiss. But both of them have long legs, so i guess they should be able to run faster than me.  Its me! I cannot run.. Hahaha. Maybe its also due to the time we went, it was already 10plus and most of the stalls are already packing up. But i managed to buy additional few more shorts that i purchased in the morning
Initially, i only bought a few because i wasn't sure if i could fit.
It was selling 3 for 200 baht only! which is about 3 pc for sgd $8.
I thought it was quite cheap considering the design is nicer than the usual ones i come across in Singapore. So, i ended up buying total of 12. Haha
There were nothing much and we was trying to return back to the hotel, but i think we have walked quite further away from our hotel and JJ was suggesting to take the shortcut. The alley was even dark than the one we walked earlier, i think we was using our phone torchlight to walk out, you will only see the light when you are reaching the exit.
Another milestone achieved. Haha, we had to decide whether to take the shortcut or taking the long way because our feet was aching. It was so funny when i look at both JJ & JY after we came out from the shortcut route, we found the 7-11 nearby out hotel just beside the route, and they wanted to buy some of the snacks because they were hungry as we ate quite early for the lunch + dinner.
We bought the mama cup noodles, the recommended must try burger! I love their burgers that i brought a few extra back to Singapore before we headed to the airport.
Basically, whatever you see in the below photo is must try item! Especially the bacon cheese burger, it was good!
During the process of purchasing all these burgers, cup noodles makes me laugh so much when we was at the 7-11 store. I saw how Jieying was rushing Junjie to pass her the cup noodles so that she can go and use the hot water dispenser first when JJ was trying to find some coins to make the payment. But JJ told her he is almost done, so JY was asking for the burgers so that she could heat it up, but we don't have it with us, and it was with the staff, that epic look she had when she get hold the bag containing our burgers and give that, 'eh the burger is warm one' in chinese, i couldn't stop laughing because of her facial expression at that moment and how both she and JJ was trying to pour the hot water over the cup noodles frantically because she say her leg is breaking! Like in chinese, 快点,我的脚要断了!She was saying in such a funny way that i couldn't stop laughing. 

'Both of them was being gan chiong to do the cup noodles cos JY leg is breaking.' Hahaha, i kept laughing and they dun understand why i kept laughing and thought i was crazy. I tried to stop, I laughed too much until my tummy ache. I had to distract myself from laughing so i shift my focus to taking photos of them and both of them don't even realised i took this photo of them!
I went further away because i had to hold myself from laughing. Hahaha
When we finally returned back to our hotel, everday the room is getting more and more messy and we was kinda lazy to pack, which was a nightmare during our last night!

Hahaha, when i tried to take photos of them and JJ was camera shy.
Our late night supper as i was waiting for my laundry to be ready.
Cheers to our everlasting friendship!
Shall end for now.
Till then! :)