Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bangkok Day 6 Departing BKK bound for Singapore

Hello readers! This was our last day in Bangkok, we managed to sleep slightly later as we was going to the airport by public transport thus we do not have to wake up early to check out if we are taking cab in case we are delayed due to the traffic jam.

 But anyway we had close to zero thai baht and couldn't call for a cab, we forgot to give some provisions for that as we spend all our thai baht happily. The rate were too low and we refused to change and we survived!

This was our fully packed luggage! JY & JJ luggage is so much neater than mine. My purple luggage is actually 26kg! I feel amazing that i could pull this all the way to the nearest bts while carrying my backpack & handcarry bags!

Before checking out of the hotel,
We went down and start sweeping off all the siam banana and my burgers off the shelves.
In case anyone does not heard of Siam banana, apparently they say it taste almost the same as Tokyo banana, just that siam banana cost cheaper compared to Tokyo banana.
I havent got a chance to try the tokyo banana, will only know the difference after i visit Japan next time!

 Me trying to distribute the siam banana into our own respective luggage after realising that we can't carry this carton.

We bought it back to share with all my friends. We left some tips for the housekeeping staff that tidied up our room. It has been my habit to tip the housekeeping staff who had worked hard in cleaning the rooms.

Initially we were rushing as we was supposed to reach the airport by 11am as the flight is due to take off at around 1pm, but  eventually our flight were delayed to 3pm..

Even though i was panting heavily because my luggage is goddam heavy and i was the last one as they walked ahead of me, they didn't know my luggage were so heavy. We walked to Ratchathewi BTS so that we can stop at phaya thai bts to change to the airport railway link since it was not that far, but i think the next time we should alight at Phaya Thai instead of Ratchapraprop to get to our hotel. It was so funny when i saw how JJ face turned all reddish as he help me to carry my luggage up the few flight of staircase at Ratchathewi station as we had to climb the few steps of staircase before taking the escalator. He was exclaiming like 'wa how come so heavy, carry stone uh!' Hahaha. Best thing was when we had to change station and there were no lifts & escalators, it was just staircase. We saw the staff trying to change the direction of the escalator for one of the guy who was sitting on the wheelchair, we thought of asking if we could just join the guy but was told to take the staircase instead. hurhur..

When we finally reach phaya thai and taking the airport rail to the airport.

I told JJ that i could slide my lugggage down those long flight of staircase, i mean if its 45 degree slide, the luggage should be able to land properly but he was worried that it will be damaged, but my luggage do comes with 3 year warranty leh. Hahaha but he refused as he help me to carry down the long flight of staircase.

Later when we reached the airport, we decided to unpack our luggage and check in the siam banana as we were worried they might not allow us to bring back so much of these.
Fortunately, the siam banana were back in one piece when we landed in Singapore
 As our flight were delayed so we decided to walk around the airport to see if we could grab any bite.
 Check in our luggage and received our boarding pass
 I think we were tired more than hungry, we walked around and finally bought a sandwich to share before moving to the boarding gate. Our remaining baht managed to get us one sandwich to be shared among 3 of us. Hahahaha.

I was telling them how history repeat itself when i used to share a hamburger with PC & Chloe back then when we had our graduation trip in KL and they spend all their ringgit,and my remaining ringgit were only enough to afford a burger and i bought it to share with them, this time round we bought a sandwich again to share among us. So i guess the next time i go BKK, i will change $1k instead of $500. Which is coming very soon as i am travelling to Bangkok again next year!

We finally board the flight after the delay, i was very tired and i was able to fall asleep even before the plane starts taking off.
This plane was slightly bigger and both of them were happy because more leg space for them. Previously they took scoot and they mentioned scoot had bigger leg space but they feel that for landing, jetstar is better. For me, i prefer to take jetstar because of the timing, scoot always have weird timing.

 Us preparing to take off from Bangkok!

After the photo-taking moment, i was very tired and i think i fall asleep immediately before the plane even starts to take off!
It feel great to be back home after our 6d5n trip in Bangkok! (Except the unpacking part)
The beautiful sky~

 When we are reaching Singapore pretty soon! I don't know if you guys do notice these boats, if this belong to Singapore, it was parked so orderly and neat!

We are back! To our clean,neat & safe city, Singapore!

 After we landed, we walked super fast displaying our kiasu spirit so that we will not be delay by others, too fast that our luggage was not out yet, we went to buy some liquors and tadah! Our entire luggage. Thank god bf came to pick us up as we managed to shove all of this in his car.
 It was getting pretty late and we were hungry by then so he drove us to have our dinner!
 I only realised they place this stickers on my luggage after we was moving down from the trolley. Haha
I don't know if its because we were hungry, but the food was so nice!

 I think i was too hungry that i didnt realised to take a clear shot of the food photo. Haha
So this shall be the wrap up of our 6d5n bkk post!
Till then and more holiday trips with my earlgreymilkteaw2Js soon!