Sunday, April 23, 2017

Japan Tokyo Ginza District, Ikebukuro Sunshine City, Homebound Singapore

Hello readers! This post shall be a combination of 2 days to departing for home bound singapore because we spend most of our time shopping until i was so sick that i probably won't plan staying for many days in Tokyo next time! 

We woke up late as usual, and in my other previous post where i commented that Ichiran ramen is not to my liking, so my friends suggested to try Ippudo ramen. Verdict after trying Ippudo : This is so much better than Ichiran ramen. Scroll down for more photos*

They have different serving size so i choose the small portion that were just right for me.
Jeremy ordered the large serving.

After our lunch, we went to Ginza district to help Jeremy's friend check out one of the branded wallet price. Honestly, i don't even know this brand.

We went back to Ikebukuro Sunshin city as we didn't explore much the day before. Tried out another kind of matcha ice-cream.

There are actually many activities to do in Sunshine city such as the Skycircus sunshine60 observatory,aquarium, planetarium, indoor theme parks, we only realised all the activities when we explore the sunshine city as there were brochures at the customer service counter. 

I wanted to visit the Planetarium but there were no more showtime when we went up the top level.
The aquarium and the planetarium are located on the same level. I would suggest to do some research especially on the show time or activities that you would like to explore before heading down because the place is huge and it will be hard to make a decision. You can refer to the Sunshine City website for more details. We didn't end up doing any of the activities available in the mall as the timing was inadequate but i would definitely want to return back again next time to join the skycircus sunshine60 observatory and the planetarium! When we went to check out their 58-59th level restaurant zone, there were staff stationed outside these lifts and leading us inside these lifts.

The moment we entered and once the door is closed, the lights are off and initially i thought the lift were faulty before realising these magical lights appearing on the lift doors and the ceiling of the lifts. It was so beautiful and dreamy sight as the lift bring us up to the highest level of restaurant zone.

It would be nice to dine in the restaurant with the skyscraper view, Jeremy wanted to dine in one of the restaurants but i didn't want to because i thought the food is quite pricey and we have been spending for this trip, so he got mad at me because i didn't want to dine in and i got angry because he was showing me attitude after that. So we quarrel again. Eventually we settle on western cuisine for our dinner even though he was still giving me attitude, i was telling him that he can go up by himself to dine if he want and i can eat whatever i want, i did offered him a choice but he doesn't want to take it. The quarrel didn't affect my appetite, hahaha i ordered spaghetti and request for the pizza to be takeaway because he didn't want to eat the pizza on purpose.

Throughout the trip, i think we got into endless arguments to the extent that i told him that i was never ever going to travel with him again! Even though we had already book our next holiday to BKK in Jul. But he knows that i will mean it if i want. Anyway, the next day, we checked out of our air bnb, bought our ticket that will bring us back to Narita airport for our flight back Singapore!
I think this is the longest period that i am away from Singapore, previously my longest holiday was about 7-8 days but this was close to 12 days! So, i am more than happy to return back to Singapore after spending my last few days in Tokyo shopping almost everyday, i was kinda sick of it too.
I was joking to Jeremy that i am finally going home, don't need to see him everyday liao! I mean back in Singapore, we would have our own work and we don't exactly spend so much time together compared to sticking with each other 24/7 for this trip. I always feel it's good to have some alone time because you get to do what you want without having to accommodate another person. I am not the kind of clingy girl that wants her man to be by her side everyday. We had several quarrels during this holiday, but most of the time i think its the tone and the ability to be patient to understand what the other party is trying to say is very important. For eg: Jeremy have the tendency to get frustrated easily when he feel that he has been repeating certain stuff but i can't get it. 
So he will say, 'forget it, you do whatever you want with that kind of tone that imply he gave up ' Which makes me even more pissed because sometimes i couldn't understand what he is trying to say or he couldn't understand what i am trying to say. I guess effective communication and delivering the message well is a skill that both of us need to improve and work on it.  
Going back with 4 luggages and they are actually quite heavy!
There were plenty of time when we reached the airport, so we had our lunch first at one of the restaurant before shopping for more gifts to bring back.

After our meal, we went to check in our luggage first before browsing the stores in airport.
Royce chocolates is cheap in Japan, in singapore it was selling at $15 per box, but it cost only $7 per box. So i bought like each a flavour home.

Paid for a cooler bag to store my Royce chocolates. Haha

This Tokyo milk cheese biscuit is good too!

I spend most of my remaining yen on these snacks at the airport because everything looks so pretty and nice! 
 After we were done, we were waiting at the boarding game for the announcement.

Nevertheless, it was nice to visit Japan and i guess i will be back next time to explore other cities!
Meanwhile, it was quite a nightmare to unpack our luggage after we returned back home. I only realise i bought way too much stuffs and too many things to unpack. 
I was deciding what snacks to give to my friends, colleagues etc. I placed it out on the table to find out exactly how much stuff i bought. Haha

This is a must buy potato chip! Hahaha. 

With that, i have finally finished all my japan holiday trip posts! Yay!
Till then.