Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tokyo - Fuji Shibazakura Festival - Gotemba Premium Outlet

Hello readers! Our itinerary for the day was supposed to visit the Fuji Shibazakura festival. So the day before, we google the place that we need to get to purchase the bus tickets. I was looking forward to it because i did some prior research and Fuji Shibazakura festival is conducted once a year during a limited period. This is the link if you like to know more about the festival. Basically it's a flower festival conducted at the base of Mt Fuji. 

Shibazakura is also known as phlox moss they are flowers that resemble the cherry blooms. There are at least seven variety and was planted by hand. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to attend this festival because the flowers has not bloom yet as the staff shown us a photo of the current look of the site when it was our turn to purchase our bus tickets. I am glad that the staff actually take the initiative to inform us before we purchase the tickets so that we won't be disappointed when we arrived at the site.

Below is a photo that i took from Japan Guide as a illustration of what to expect if you are planning to visit. As the event starts from 15 Apr - 28 May 17, i think its probably too early for us to visit on the 20 Apr so i think the next time i would plan our travelling date slightly later so that we get a chance to experience this beautiful scenery view.

So eventually, we decided to visit the Gotemba Premium outlet, Jeremy was very keen to visit the place so we bought the bus ticket at the same area that we originally wanted to purchase our bus ticket to the fuji shibazakura festival. We bought a 2 way ticket.

I can't remember the duration of the journey but we was pretty excited as we could see the MT Fuji from the premium outlet!

We took some photos before our shopping spree!

Initially we thought the premium outlet is rather empty. But not until we actually walked further inside the stores..

There were no instructions on where to gather for our pickup point but we guess it should be the same area that we alighted. It was a heart attack story which i will explained as you read on. Haha.
Some background info of this gotemba premium outlets, they are Japan's popular outlet mall that is located at the base of Mt Fuji,with more than 200 stores and restaurants. I think it's pretty much the same that you expect whenever you visit factory outlets. This was a sudden decision because suddenly we were unsure where we wanted to go when we can't go the shibazakura festival and Jeremy has been saying for the past few days that he googled and want to visit this premium outlet but i was not very keen. But due to unforeseen circumstances, i guess he got his wish as we finally arrived here! Hahahaha. 

There were so many different brand stores that i don't even know, especially i don't exactly shop branded items.

We went to this food court area and bought a crepe to try.

Oh, there were many who actually brought their dogs out for a walk and this dog was so cute!
Tried the godiva drink as well, the godiva chocolate is so cheap over here that i bought more back. Haha
 Pokemon stores

 We saw this gudetama that i knew Michelle like so i was taking photo to show her 鸡蛋仔

 When the egg is still raw. Hahahaha. so cute to see a pink version!
We was busy shopping after that but generally as i don't shop branded so i was not sure how relatively cheap it is, i was not excited as Jeremy to shop in these stores whereas Jeremy was asking me to choose something that i want and he will buy it as a gift for me. Most of my branded items actually comes from him. hahahaha. So i was browsing around and i decided to get this Michael Kor backpack.

Before the purchase,i was still hesitating whether i should buy, so it took us awhile before we purchased it and Jeremy was thinking of getting a prada wallet too. By then, we was nearing the time to be at our pick up point. So he told me to wait at the pick up point first while he is going back the Prada store to get his wallet. So i went to the pick up point first, initially i queue the wrong line, but luckily i went up to the bus driver and show him the ticket to check with him and he told me its not the correct line that i am q-ing, it was another bus that is behind his bus. So i walked to the correct line, i was panicking because Japan is well known for its punctuality, their train,buses will always arrive on time and they will depart on time too. So when Jeremy was telling me there were long queue as he is waiting to pay, i was panicking because i was not sure how we are going back if we miss this bus. I was also telling him which bus to look out for etc. By then, others was boarding the bus, and i was trying to tell the bus driver to wait for awhile as i am waiting for Jeremy. When the time is up and the driver was calling me and pointing to his watch, at that moment, Jeremy finally appeared. I was so relieved and we managed to board the bus on time. But moral of the story is : i doesn't want to experience this kind of heart attack moment anymore, so we will be more careful by managing our time wisely next time. Haha.

By the time we reached Tokyo, it was evening time so we went to shop at the Takashimaya deparmental store, there were more branded items, but i was looking out more for restaurant to have our dinner! I couldn't recall the name of this restaurant but the food is so good! Hahaha I think i order a pork katsu, it was damm nice!

Satisfying our hunger pang, we was shopping around the stores but as most of the items is quite pricey, so i was not very interested to shop further. Meanwhile, this is Jeremy's Prada Wallet~ 
We went back to our air bnb to rest and some of the items i bought at the outlet mall today for Michelle! 

I shall end this post for now.
Till then~