Friday, April 21, 2017

Tokyo Shibuya, Harajuku Takeshita Street Shopping Day. Kiddyland Store

Hello readers! It was our last few days in Japan Tokyo, i was feeling restless because i didn't had any clear and detailed itinerary for Tokyo so we practically went out during the noon. It can be quite sick to shop everyday and after this trip, i think i won't spend so much days in Tokyo because it's kinda boring to be shopping every single day!

We went to visit Shibuya, one of the popular and entertainment area. However actually, i realised you don't really need to go Shibuya to try and take a photo of the day with the pedestrian crossing as your instagram worthy photo. It's quite common to see many such pedestrian crossing in Japan, maybe not as large scale as the one in Shibuya. I would suggest only for those who really love shopping and love for japanese fashion to explore this area otherwise, it might be wasting your time to visit.

Maybe the apparel they are selling catered more to teenagers, the fashion does not appeal to me, so we did explore the mall, but i didn't really shop much.

But i do admit that the ladies working all look so pretty and fashionable! So it could be an eye candy even if you are not planning to buy anything in the mall.

Some Japanese girls are quite short so i guess this shoes help them to become taller! Haha

Beautiful cakes on their display~

 We went to have our simple lunch before deciding to visit Harajuku street

We went to visit this Hachiko statue that is next to Shibuya station, there were many tourists taking turn to take photo of the statue. Basically this is a story of a Ueno professor that took this dog, Hachiko as a pet and everyday without fail, Hachiko would wait for his owner at the station to greet him whenever he returned back from work.This continued even when his owner suffered a stroke during lectures and eventually passed away without returning back to the station. But Hachiko has been going back the station to await for it's owner return until it eventually die of cancer.

The story of Hachiko was used as an example of its remarkable loyalty and a spirit that people of Japan should strive to achieve and that was how a statue of Hachiko was erected at Shibuya station.

Next, we visit Harajuku, the teenage culture at Takeshita street which are lined with many trendy shops but again, the fashion and style doesn't suit my age anymore. Hahaha, i was quite shocked at the crowd as you can see in the photo below.

 One of the must try while visiting Takeshita street will be their crepe!
 There were so many crepe shops and you won't be able to know which one to choose from, so we decide based on the length of the queue. Haha

 After that, we were jus exploring around walking further away from the street where we spot this line store. This Line store has two level, one of the level is the basement.
 They have this iconic giant Mr Brown, saw it in Taiwan, Bangkok and now in Japan too!

 When we went down to the basement level, it was setup in a way that looks like Mr brown room.

Some phototaking in Mr Brown room~

After that, we google to see if there is any tamagotchi store nearby, but apparently the stores are closed and we found kiddyland and since we had alot of free time, we decided to check out the kiddyland store! The store is quite big, with about 5 levels and selling all different kind of toys, in this store, we bought a gift too and they was able to wrap it for us at no charge! 

 I only managed to take some photos but not many as i was busy checking out those toys!
As much as i find these toys are cute etc, but the desire to own them is not strong so basically we are just window shopping. Hahaha
After that, i have been shopping at pharmacy stores, the pharmacy stores in Takeshita street are big so you can spend sometimes inside trying to decide which item to purchase. Haha, we went to eat at this Kappa Sushi restaurant for dinner, food was good. Pretty decent and affordable.

 It was pretty cool as you order the dishes and once it's ready, the dishes will be served to you via the conveyor belt and placed right exactly at your table number. It's amazing how they configure the entire system.

Placing all my tokyo loots excluding (Kyoto) on the bed to see how much i have spend during the past few days in Tokyo. Haha

Even though some of these products can be found in Singapore as well, but the price is a huge difference! So it was wiser for me to purchase some while i am in Japan to use back in Singapore. Haha, shall end this post for now.
Till then!