Friday, April 7, 2017

Jieying's graduation ceremony

Hello readers! Both JJ and I specially take a day off to attend Jieying's graduation ceremony!
She has finally graduated and received her bachelor degree!
The second among us to graduate from university with JJ graduating soon this year too!

I had lots of ideas when it comes to giving a surprise to my friends. Hahaha So, it started when  Terence (Jieying's bf) text me to ask for some opinion on the flowers that he was planning to get for JY during her graduation ceremony. But those that he show me wasn't that nice in my opinion and  another of my friend, huiyi has just started her florist business through carousell and i love the way she arranged the flowers and package them so i told him that he can probably see through her carousell acc to see if he is keen to order as i was planning to share with JJ to purchase a bouquet of flowers for JY too.

So eventually, he found one that he think JY might like, actually we wanted to get her that too, but since Terence is buying and not to outshine him, we choose the rainbow baby breath that is in mini size because this is just one part of the surprise for Jieying!

I placed the order and Terence went to collect from her a day before the graduation ceremony. This is how it looks like. Isn't this beautiful?

I know that some would prefer artificial flowers over the fresh flowers,because they feel that fresh flowers will wither after a few days and not practical but generally i feel the artificial one can never beat the fresh flowers because of the experience. 
Imagine receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers with a tinge of scent compared to receiving a bouquet of artificial flowers. The feeling and experience is totally different. So what if it will wither after a few days? I know at that moment, i experienced joy while receiving this fresh bundle of flowers! 

Nothing lasts forever but the memories will, if you blog like i do when you read back after all these years. Hahahaha. But for those who still prefer artificial flowers to being practical that you can still store it and look at it. (provided you do, i only look at it or use during my graduation photoshoot as props, since then, i never looked at it again) if not why not get both? Hahaha

Which is what i did, we get her this! This cute little monkey since her zodiac was monkey .Hahaha.
Took some photos with her props because she was busy taking photos with her other friends.

We got her some balloons too from art box. i paid upfront and we collected it on the day before heading down to her graduation ceremony.

The girl with lots of props to hold to take photo~
 Before that, we was helping her to hold some of it so we took the opportunity to take photos too

A few of my satisfied selfie too. Hahahhaa. The flowers is too beautiful, so cannot waste! Haha

SIM has this awesome backdrop for photo-taking!

Click on the video link to look at the rainbow baby breath that we bought for her! And others boomerang shots that we took! Hahahaa

We stayed till everyone has already gone off before JY changed out of her robe and we took grab back her house to put her stuff before going in JB! Our early dinner! We ordered some foods but i guess i had forgot to take the photos of it.

Shall end this post for now.
Till then!